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D&D week 3

This is week three of D&D. D&D is an RPG game that person who can creat a player who have it’s own identities and it is also the plyer’s choice to take action about next move by using the player’s special skills he/she creates. At this week ,we finally met the king of the goblin who robbed the kingdom’s goods and we are trying our best to taking the goods back to the kingdom.

The hardest part for me at this part of the game is to choose what kind of weapon to choose that could deal the best damage I can to defeat the king of the goblin. Even at the end of the game, we finally defeat the goblin and get the goods from the goblin, we still lost our best friends goldrush. If I could recommend this game to someone, I would recommend this game to my friend Andrew, because Andrew always consider things wisely to make sure each of the team members could get the best result they can get.

I think this game ties to the leadership because I believe as we lost out good old friend goldrush, a team leader should always consider protecting our team member from wastage. It is the leader’s responsibility to make sure the team is in a steady environment away from threats. To always think thoughtfully and wisely is one of the ability that a team leader requires to bets control the team.

D&D week 2

This is the second week of D&D we played. From last week, we were rest at the the cave and this time we can finally get going. However, D&D is an RPG game that each person could create a player who has their own special skills, to heal, to use magic to attach, or to heal. We started the game by getting out of the cave and keep continue our journey on getting out good for the kingdom. At the halfway, we met the goblin king who robbed our goods and we trying to take the goods back.

The hardest part for me is to roll a high number dice that each round when I want to take action to attack, I cannot deal the damage because of lower number dice. If I would recommend this game to someone, I would definaly recommend this game to my friend Jason, Jason always had the luck hand to roll a dice, so I think he probably would deal the most of damage to the oppenent.

I think this game ties to leadership because when each leader decide what should the team do at the round, the leader should always know what action will brings less risk and benefits the team the most. The team leader should always have a backup plan because the leader should understand things will not always go as planned. So to always have a backup plan when the team needs and come up with the solution that have the lower risk but high benefits is what the leader needs.

D&D weak one

This week we played D&D. I set up my player as a half-elf who love golds and was in jail because of stealing stuff. D&D is an RPG game that player can have their own weapons to deal damage with enemies, or use their own ability to heal, or use magic to attack enemies to make sure we reach to our final goal.

We started this game by joining up as a team to get the goods the kingdom needs and delivery to the kingdom. At the begging of our journey, we met a group of goblin who tries to attack us, but the new eliminate them and met our friend goldrush. And we entered a cave to take a rest, and this is the farthest we can get for today’s class. The hardest for me in this game is to truly believe goldrush is a good goblin that truly want to be friends with us. I would recommend this game to my friend Mike, he loves play RPG game and it will be interesting to see what kind of identity he will create.

I think this game ties to leadership because it is the leader’s decision to decide what should we take action next, also to come up with the best action that better benefits our team. A team leader should always know what will benefit the most for their team, and to act to any unexpected accident is one of the ability a team leader should have.

Free play week two

This week I played League of legends as my free play week. The game is about five-player has their own lines against opponents, each player have their own task to push a line, destroy a tower, eliminate a player on their line and the final goal is to get the opponent’s cristal base. The game overall is pretty interesting and the hardest part for me is to not get ganked by the opponent player from my line.

At the first of the game, I played a new hero that I am not familiar with, I am not sure about the hero’s skill and special ability, but as time goes, I am getting used to the hero and become good at it. It will be interesting to see my father play the game, he always wanted to play this sort of game but he never gets the time to do so. It will be interesting to see my father’s reaction by play League of legends, I think he will be interesting to play the game.

I think the game ties to the leadership that when one player is dominating the game, he should always think about what he can do to help his teammate to grow its economics so that his team can be able to win the game. One player should always consider assists his teammate not only themself. Teamplay is always the most powerful to overcome a problem, so a leader should always help his team to group together because one person might do anything, but together, the team will always come up with a better solution.

Free play week one

This week I played Rainbow six siege as my Freeplay. If I’d recommend this game to someone, I would recommend this game to my roommate Xin. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to the game based on a none experience fps player. However, the game basically is an fps game that each team will try their best to eliminate their opponent.

At the begging of the game, it’s been a while since I played the game, I cannot get used to the game control, but the longer I played, I become better at the game. I tried hard each round to eliminate every competition and defuse the bomb. It is hard for me to understand where to go and find a way out of the room.

I believe this game ties to leadership because a leader should always understand and come up with a plan that better fits the team. A leader should understand each team member’s skill to better give order to his/her teammates. So to better accelerate to reach the team goal is to understand each of the team members and it is important for the team leader to understand his/her team.

Ladies and Gentlemen

I wasn’t able to make it to the class this day because of the internet issue, so I played this game with my family. It was overall a pretty fun experience with my family. The game basically have two groups, ladies and gentlemen. Ladies’ goal is to shopping what they want to dress to make them look pretty at the party, the gentlemen’s goal is to getting money for the ladies to buy what they want by trade stocks.

The hard part for me is to decide what should I trade to fulfill what the ladies want. My father wanted to be a lady so he can also experience shopping, and buying clothes like my mother to make him look good. At begging of the game, I do not want to trade much of my stock to be able to buy stuff for the ladies. But I found out I have to trade amount of stocks to be able to purchase clothes for my “wife” and even I trade all of my stock, I still can’t afford what my “wife” wants.”

I believe it ties to leadership because the game helps me to understand that to always find the balance of trade and spend is important to be a leader. A leader should always know for what it take to balance the team. To be able to understand trade in and spend will help a leader and also, more importantly, to be able to understand what it takes to balance the team is the most important thing.

Game of the Week: Ladies and Gentlemen

For this session, we played the board game Ladies and Gentlemen. This is a board game where the players are split in two groups: the ladies and the gentlemen. The ladies spend their turns figuring out what they want to buy from the shops so they look their best for the party. The gentlemen spend their turn getting money to buy the ladies what they want by trading stocks and completing contracts.

For our game, I wanted to be a lady, which worked out well since two people wanted to be gentlemen and the other guy wanted to be a lady. The gameplay was pretty cool. The ladies get to lay down cards of different clothing and accessories and pick out what they want. I tried to go for a somewhat fancy outfit that would go well together if it was real. Unfortunately, my ‘husband’ wasn’t able to afford everything so I had to make do with what I had.

I really enjoyed this game, and thought it was pretty fun. The hardest part was at the beginning when the other ‘lady’ and I had trouble figuring out how the shops worked. Once we read over the rules again, we figured it out and it went smoother than the first time we tried. If I had to recommend this game to someone, it would be my friend Nate. I think it would be really funny to see what he would come up with if he was one of the ladies. For leadership, I think this game teaches you that you have to rely on others sometimes and you might not always get what you want.

Game of the Week: D&D Week 3

This session was the last week of our DnD campaign. As always, we started the campaign by recapping what had happened previously so that everyone was caught up on what had happened. I found this a very helpful thing to do each time we played, as I found that I either forgot or misremembered some very minor things.

For this session of the story, we continued through the cave we were adventuring through to look for the man that was being held hostage by the goblins. We eventually found the man, and he was surrounded by some very angry goblins. My character tried to talk the head goblin here down but wasn’t the most successful. The goblin ended up dropping the man off the ledge we were on but one character in the group was able to jump down and catch the man in time. Sadly, we didn’t finish this section of the campaign before it was time to end.

The hardest part of the game this session was stopping. I really wanted to continue going and exploring the world around us with my group. We had a great DM who made sure that we all agreed on what to do and helped to navigate the fights and environments in a manner that really helped. The last person I’d like to introduce to this game would be my dad. He used to be into RPG games and I think he’d like it if he tried it out. I still agree on my views about leadership for this game, as it gives you the opportunity to be yourself and make the decisions you want to make.

Game of the Week: D&D Week 2

For this session, we continued our DnD campaign. We picked up from where we left off and ended up finishing the fight with the goblins. After this came the twist of having to introduce a new character to the group as we had someone new join the session. This was fun to do as we figured out a way that we all knew the character.

For the story in this one, we started to get into the plot. Our team trekked through the forest surrounding us and headed towards a cave guarded by goblins. This is where I really got to shine, as my character spoke Goblin. This moment really stuck out to me, as the whole time I’d been playing, I felt like I was in the background. But this let me try to do something that might advance the plot for everyone and just was overall a really good time for me. (Unsurprisingly, I failed and upset the goblin but it was fun to try!).

I think some of the hardship I was having the past week was a lot less this week. I understood the game a lot more and this allowed us to get through the story just a little faster than we had previously been going. The hardest part I had during this session was figuring out which weapon was best to fight goblins with! Another friend I’d like to play the game with is my friend Kaylynn. She’s very creative and I’d like to see how she reacts to things in the game. Lastly, the leadership ties to the game still remain the same as in my last review. DnD is a fantastic game for leadership I found!

Week 8, 9, and 10 (Dungeons and Dragons)

Dungeons and Dragons is the title of the game that we played for weeks 8 through 10 but it could just as well be titled as “Joe’s Favorite Game to Play with Friends”. I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons since I was around 8 years old starting with 3.5 edition. I enjoyed it then and since then have only grown more fond of the game as I’ve learned new facets to enjoy of the game that I was unaware of when I first started playing. Whether those new ideas were just role-playing or thinking of new fun character concepts. In all of this Dungeons and Dragons is related to many different aspects of leadership.

The first tie to leadership found in Dungeons and Dragons comes when creating your character. As a leader it is important to know and understand yourself. Dungeons and Dragons gives the player many opportunities to better understand their character in game as well as to develop their character throughout the game. In real life understanding who you are and what you are capable of is important as a leader to understand what tasks you can and should do as well as what you excel at. However understanding yourself isn’t the only aspect of leadership in Dungeons and Dragons.

Another tie to leadership present in Dungeons and Dragons is the amount of communication and cooperation players must have. In Dungeons and Dragons it is important to be able to talk to and understand the words of others so that you may work well as a team. That is because Dungeons and Dragons is a team game where you work with others to complete goals and objectives that you would not be able to complete by yourself. However that does not mean there is no risk and that leads to the final leadership aspect present in Dungeons and Dragons.

Risk is always present in Dungeons and Dragons. Every decision has a consequence or benefit depending on how the dice end up rolling. Therefore Dungeons and Dragons also helps teach risk management and assessment to its players as a player who does not properly assess a situation will likely end up with their character dead or worse. In Dungeons and Dragons though it is important to take risks so that you can progress through the game and to make the game interesting. Without risk the game becomes simple and boring as every task will come without consequence. But how does Dungeons and Dragons work so that their is risk present?

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game played with several players who each control a character and a dungeon master who runs the world that the players play in. The game however runs on dice. Most character statistics are determined by the dice as well as the results of actions the players take. To lie in Dungeons and Dragons is a possible dice roll, to attempt to hit an enemy is a dice roll, and so on and so forth. While a lot of stuff that happens in Dungeons and Dragons is determined by dice rolls that doesn’t mean that everything is determined in such a way.

The characters players make as well as the actions they take are all still decided by that player. In Dungeons and Dragons there is still a lot of choice that takes place. This starts in character creation where you choose your race. Basically the species of your character. You can choose to either be an Elf, Dwarf, Human, or more fantasy type races such as Tiefling or Dragonborn. From there you choose your class which ranges from sword fighting heroes, to fast handed thieves, good-hearted priests, or powerful mages. These choices are all a part of Dungeons and Dragons and determine the kind of character you can play.

In my game I played an Elven cleric. I focused most of my abilities on helping my teammates as I was fairly certain I would be playing with a lot of newer players who would be playing characters that are more damage focused than team focused. My assumption in this case was correct as I was partied with a wizard, a rogue, and a sorcerer. In the end we were able to play the game and everyone did their jobs alright. However in this game I did not have the best time.

While playing with my group there were several issues that occurred. The first issue was that besides the DM and myself none of the other players knew the rules of how to play the game. This made our first session move along slowly as many concepts had to be taught to the new players throughout the game. The issues continued as the rest of the party did little to take initiative in the game and decide the parties course of action. This made the game awkward for me as I was trying to not determine the course of every action but ended up being the main prompter of any decisions.

Overall I still think Dungeons and Dragons is fun and with more experience playing the game the other players in my game would do more and probably have a more enjoyable time. A friend I would recommend this game to and who I have been trying to get to play for a while is Zach. As a game that is great to play with friend I feel that he would enjoy the game. Also I feel like he would enjoy playing a roleplaying game.

In the end while I did not have a great time playing the game this time I still do enjoy the game itself and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good roleplaying game to play.