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Game of the Week Reflection: Fiasco Part 1

Fiasco is an all-around and very imaginative role-playing board game that is, basically, a fiasco.  This was my first experience with a role-playing game and it was actually pretty fun considering it seemed nerdy at times.  Being able to have almost complete freedom in the path you take your story is refreshing especially since most board games are fenced off with incoherent rules.  Each play session was unique and the one I participated in was no different.  I liked the wild west theme I took part in and I enjoyed the enthusiasm of my “teammates” throughout my playthrough.  I love being able to do improv because I suck at it which makes it all the more funnier.  However, I wasn’t a fan of the dice, maybe because we didn’t really use it right but creating your character and the relationships, etc. in the beginning was hectic.  It made it pretty confusing to keep track of who was who and how I know them or how I’m related to them.  

That was pretty much the hardest part besides making sure in the back of your mind that you also had an object and a location and whatever else to guide your story.  My personal values surfaced in how I perceived the environment.  I gave my character courage and sustainability while also being manipulative.  That’s what I like about Fiasco, you can have the freedom to be and do whatever you want and the people around you have to play off of it and keep the story smooth.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had in the creativity department for what I was going to do next and how I was going to screw over my outlaw friend at the gold creek.  

Being that leader and controlling the direction of the simulation is what made me feel powerful.  Everyone was their own leader in a sense because they had the ability to throw everyone else off their game.  They were on the balcony looking over us on the ground being the leader and forcing our hands on what we do next.  Playing with 4 or more people is what is going to make this a blast so bring your friends and family and your creative art majors and see where this role-playing fiasco takes you. 

Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Roll Player

This week in Tabletop Leadership we played Roll Player. Roll Player is a board game in which you have a character that you must improve their stats and purchase armor, weapons, and traits for them. The player with the most points at the end wins. I had never played or heard of the game before which made it difficult to learn. I watched multiple videos on how to play but I was still nervous going into the session. Luckily, the classmates I was with were easy to play with and we were able to figure it out pretty quickly. The hardest part about the game was actually scoring the game at the end. There were so many things to remember and go back to in order to accurately count your points. I’m willing to bet that we missed a few things when we were tallying our scores, but we had fun anyways.

Roll Player ties to leadership because you can influence the other players during the game. I would define leadership as influencing those around you. I tried to influence my classmates in a way that benefits myself. For example, I would purposely leave certain cards open in the market because I secretly wanted my classmate to take it. Although my influence was to benefit myself, the game requires some leadership qualities in order to be successful.

I would recommend this game to my close friend Alex because he likes games that have multiple strategies to win and you have to think ahead with every move you make. That’s part of the reason why I enjoyed the game more than I thought I would. I enjoy games that have multiple ways to play. I found myself playing along in the beginning and not putting much thought to anything, then quickly figured out ways I could earn more points and one-up my opponents. My session went really well because we all had the same amount of experience with the game and we helped each other figure it out. After struggling to tally the scores, we finally found a winner and it was me! I felt that I racked up enough weapons and armor to help me win but I believe the key was my personality block earned me an extra 3 points which I planned. The only thing I didn’t like about the game was how many pieces that came with it. It seems like a lot of set up and several parts to the game that can turn people away. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the game and how our game session went. I would definitely play it again if I had the chance.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Roll Player

This week we played the game Roll Player. This game takes a whole new meaning into the ideas of character creation. I’ve never played a game before where the entire game is making a character. After a few technical difficulties, my group was able to play the game. I really enjoyed having to play a game all about character creation. Throughout the entire game, I was developing my strategy in making my character. However, due to time restraints we were unable to complete the game and determine scores. Despite not finishing the game in the class session, I had a blast playing. I’m thinking of buying and adding this game into my board game collection.

The hardest part of this game was the amount of things and rules to remember. My group forgot that we had additional skills that we could use when doing a specific part of the game. I might have had an easier skill to remember than my group mates as I was able to hold more weapons than the others. There were just so many things that you had to keep track of that it could get overwhelming at times.

Roll Player ties to leadership into the juggling of all the things you had to do. To be a leader, you might and probably will have to look at several things at one time. I remember hearing that being a good leader involves juggling balls, however your job as a leader is to know which balls are plastic and which are glass. If you drop a glass ball it shatters and is unable to be as it once was. If you drop a plastic ball, it will just bounce off the ground. Sometimes you gotta drop a few plastic balls to preserve the glass balls. 

I think my friends Gavin, Nick and Laura would enjoy this game. We play board games from time to time and always show each other new games. We haven’t been playing lately due to social distancing, but with the help of Tabletopia we could possibly play. Gavin and I actually got to play a game of it together and were having a blast trying to strategise to make our character have the best stats. 

Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Roll Player

       This week, we played roll player game during the class. It was a fun game to me because I never played this kind of game before. The roll player game asks players to create their own characters and the standard of winning is which player gets the highest score at the end. Players can earn scores like achieving their attribute goals, using skills or equipment which were bought from the store by coins and so on.

       During the class time, I played roll player with other 2 group members, but there was a disconnection issue all the time, one of these two group members kept reconnecting so that our group cannot get into the final part which is counting who has the highest score. However, the other group member who was more familiar with roll player helped us a lot, she told us what to do next and explaining the rules which we did not understand very well. I think that is what leadership is about.

       About the game itself, I think the hardest part is to make a long-term strategy, which can lead me to win. For example, when you buy equipment or skills from the store, you should not only think about which one you want, but also think about which one the other players want, if that player gets the equipment, he/she wants and that player will get a huge advantage, you cannot let that player get the skill/ equipment. This is just a general example of making a good long-term strategy, I think people can only practice a lot to (play a lot) get this making good strategy.

       I think for the roll player game, people who has a long-term view should be good at this game. Thus, I think my friend Steven might enjoy this game, because he always has a long-term view.

       All in all, I think roll player game is very interesting, and I might play it with my friends if I had a chance.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Roll Player

This week in class we used a software called Tabletopia to play a four-player game of Roll Player. Roll player is a roll playing game that requires the use of dice and cards. Players use strategy and compete against one another, the goal is to create the best hero possible. We did this online so naturally, we ran into quite a few problems. Some of them included trouble joining the gaming session, trying to figure out how to configure the proper camera angle to see the whole board game, and figuring out how to roll digital dice.

I think the two most prominent ties to leadership this game has is communication and creativity. In my gaming session communication was key since it was almost everyone’s first time playing the game. We collaborated and helped teach each other the game and offered advice when purchasing skills, traits, or personality cards for our characters. Creativity is also a key attribute because this is the only way to ensure that you have a well-rounded fantasy hero. I found myself creating a character that had some traits similar to the ones I have, but I also used this game as an opportunity to pick attributes that I want to have or can’t have in real life.

My favorite part of the game was earning money to go shop in the market place for anything I wanted. I found the game a little overwhelming because there are so many things to watch in order to end the game with the highest amount of points. I would say the hardest part of the game is trying to find cards for your character when you are the last player to get a turn in the market place. It tends to be slim pickings at that point and you may be left with cards you don’t want or can’t afford. The only disappointing aspect was the fact that we ran out of time and couldn’t completely finish or total up scores. I would recommend this game to my younger brother because he loves customizing his videogame characters and would take the opportunity to live vicariously through them.

Roll Player

As part of our second week of class, we played Roll Player. This game had a couple of new experiences for me that are interesting to point out that made the experience harder for me than usual games. The first new experience for me was playing within Tabletopia. I had never used Tabletopia before this game session, so I had to kind of learn the software first before getting into the game. The second new experience for me is that I had never really experienced playing board games online, so getting everybody set up for the game from Zoom is kind of a challenge. We did have some difficulties with one of our group members getting into the session, so it did make the session harder to go through.

                In my opinion, I do not really like the game itself. I feel like the concept is very interesting as the game is about building your character and trying to accumulate points through your character sheet. It is like building a D&D character except that is the game. Personally, I feel like I would play this game a couple times but probably not invest any more time in the game as I have more interest in interacting with my character that I have built rather than spending the game building myself up, but never actually using that character.

                You can absolutely see how this game relates to leadership. To me, it means that anybody has their own definition of what it takes to be a leader. Every individual has their own goals and has priorities regarding their characteristics. This mirrors Roll Player, as each player has special skillsets that give them more points than others, and they may want to prioritize that characteristic over others.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Roll Player and D&D Character Creation

For my D&D character, I had absolutely nowhere to start as I had never played the game before and therefore knew nothing at all about races, skills, weapons, proficiencies, etc. Upon watching a few videos and reading a few forums and other blogs about the game and the best ways to set up your character for the best gameplay, I started to build my character.

My character was a double race/class, a tiefling monk, and a rogue. https://www.dndbeyond.com/profile/veethedestroyer/characters/34636310

The hardest part about the game was adjusting to natural gameplay as the game is both roleplay and tabletop related, so finding a balance between referring to the handbook and die rollers while trying to keep track of the storyline and all the moves other people made was quite difficult. I struggled most with keeping up because everyone in my group save for one person who had little knowledge of the game and had played once before, I knew nothing about the game and had never played and felt as though I was slowing down the game and frustrating my teammates in the process.

This game is excellent at propagating opportunities for leadership as each scene or moment of gameplay is unique to what moves, skills, and weapons each player has, and therefore is customizable, like Fiasco, to allow characters to take on bigger, more leader-like roles in different rounds, depending on their comfort level.

I know this game is incredibly popular and has been for decades and I can definitely say that this game would be most enjoyed by groups of friends or individuals who are really into improv, developing storylines, and creating characters and situations that are totally made up but detail specific and require background knowledge to play. DnD is an amazing game for individuals who love to lead and create and control situational factors as well as the role of dungeon master is just that, they record and playout each scene from their handbook utilizing a set of rules and tools specific to each character, dependent upon their race, class, skillset, etc. This game is also perfect for people who are detail-oriented and enjoy making very detailed storylines, i.e. character backgrounds.

The sessions overall went well, the most frustrating part was that I struggled to keep up and often made moves that were the same or weren’t considered to be creative as I wasn’t completely confident in my character’s abilities, including what I could and couldn’t do at that moment in the game, i.e. being out of range or not having enough strength or the right weaponry to attack

Roll Player

I’m very excited to be in this class because I’ve always loved playing board games and card games ever since I was a kid. In fact I still get together with friends during breaks to play games like Monopoly, Risk, and Clue. After seeing our professor’s one of many game shelves in his house and looking through Tabletopia for the first time, I realized I don’t know as many games as I thought.

The first class was around the game Roll Player, a game in which I had never even heard of. I had also never played a role playing game before (Clue is the closest game I could imagine). The game was surprisingly very interesting. I didn’t understand all the rules, but I can see how the element of strategy plays a huge role in winning. There’s a lot you can do to build and embody your character to carry him or her to victory.

I know that in-person classes would make the flow of these games much easier. However, I think I am starting to understand how Tabletopia works. It’s fairly user-friendly but gameplay is still at a snails pace. I’m glad I was able to communicate with my classmates to ask questions whenever I was stuck or didn’t know what to do. I’m looking forward to what other games the class has to offer, but as far as the first week, I think overall it was a success (despite the virtual circumstances we are under).

Roll Player

In the previous week, we played the roll player. At the beginning of the game, even I read the rules, it is still hard to keep track of what an individual’s skills are. And because we are playing the game virtually, it is also hard to keep track of orders, usually after one round of the game, we need to figure out the sequence again.

Overall, the roll player game it’s pretty fun. We figure out our ability and skills, gain golds and purchase armor and weapons. At the first, the rules were confusing for me, but as soon as I started to play, the rules become clear, and to use class color matches with the purchased cards could help players create more advantages and match the color dice. The game ends pretty quick that I haven’t had enough fun, so I encouraged my other friend to play with me at the weekends, they all loved it.

At last, I think that when we play the game, it is important to understand the game rule and if you want to help other people, you have to build your own “perfect” class set before helping others. It helps leadership in tabletop games because after you set up your setting, to help people who do not know how to set the game it’s important. To keep the game running, keep tracking orders, and to be able to explain the rules to other players is what leadership needs and contains.

Roll Player

I am very happy that we can play board games together. Because I think it is a good way to meet some new friends, since play board games is relax but also needs to focus on the process of the games. For me, I really enjoy playing Monopoly, UNO, Jenga with my friends at Friday night. 

It is the first time I play the game Roll Player through Tabletopia. It is different than what I think of a board games, so it took me a lot of time to figure out the rules and the process of how to play the game. In my perspective, I think the game is very difficult to follow and understand at the first time because it is a lot to keep track of. However, after the first round, I can gradually follow the rules and work with my team member. Because my team member are so great and they teach me how to play at the first round. I didn’t understand at the beginning, but I found a lot of interesting later. So I will recommend Roll Player to my friends, and play with them through Internet. The games ends so quickly, before we have the final winner of the game, but I love playing it with my team member. 

Finally, for the first time used Tabletopia, it is easy to follow, but the Roll Player game is difficult to keep track of. And you need to understand and choose who you are, and then you can help other people. I was very lucky our group members are familiar with the game, and they help me go through the first round, and then I found that it is interesting to play board games online. Otherwise, without the leader in our group help me, I will lose the confidence to play board games online. So I think the first game we played is very interesting, I am looking forward to the rest of the semester to play more board game together.