D&D week 2

This is the second week of D&D we played. From last week, we were rest at the the cave and this time we can finally get going. However, D&D is an RPG game that each person could create a player who has their own special skills, to heal, to use magic to attach, or to heal. We started the game by getting out of the cave and keep continue our journey on getting out good for the kingdom. At the halfway, we met the goblin king who robbed our goods and we trying to take the goods back.

The hardest part for me is to roll a high number dice that each round when I want to take action to attack, I cannot deal the damage because of lower number dice. If I would recommend this game to someone, I would definaly recommend this game to my friend Jason, Jason always had the luck hand to roll a dice, so I think he probably would deal the most of damage to the oppenent.

I think this game ties to leadership because when each leader decide what should the team do at the round, the leader should always know what action will brings less risk and benefits the team the most. The team leader should always have a backup plan because the leader should understand things will not always go as planned. So to always have a backup plan when the team needs and come up with the solution that have the lower risk but high benefits is what the leader needs.