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Game of the Week: Free Play 2

For this session, I grouped up with a few others to play the popular game “Among Us.” This is a fun video game where you and your crew are in space and your goal is to do tasks around the ship. However, the twist is that there are impostors on the ship who want to kill all the regular crewmates.

Our play session went alright. There were 6 of us in the group, which is enough for a full game (usually with only one person being the impostor), but it got kinda boring with just the 6 of us. We eventually opened the lobby up to the public, which is always an interesting experience in this game. We got a few bad apples that joined, but we kicked them as soon as we were able and played with the people who were cool. Something else that was fun to help with was that two of the people in our group had never played the game, so we had to teach them about it.

Overall, this was a very chill week. I’ve played the game before, and I really enjoy it, but if I had to recommend it to someone, I think I would recommend it to my friend Benny who might enjoy it. The hardest part of the game wasn’t actually hard but more frustrating and funny when one of the new players exposed me as the other impostor. I think leadership ties into this game in the way that leaders still need to do everyday tasks/challenges and they aren’t always exempt because they’re a leader.

Free Play 2

For our last week of class, we had a free play week. We used this free play session to play Among Us, which went okay. This game is accessible on Steam and on smart phones. We had four people from class in our session, and we played a few games with just us four.  After a while, we moved towards a session that included more players, but the players were not from our class. The game is essentially about crewmates on a ship trying to find imposters within the crew and ejecting them from the ship while the imposters kill crewmates. We were pretty good at running through the sessions, and everybody understood how the game worked.

                My personal opinion is that the game is really fun. However, if you have to play with people you are not familiar with it is not quite as fun. When we played with players not from our class it sometimes resulted in conversations through text with players who may be throwing insults around or being pretty rude. Sometimes it is funny and other times it is a bit unnecessary. With a full group of people you are familiar with the game is really fun because everybody is able to talk to each other and it is easier to get cohesion going between the people in the game.

                I think Among Us is a good game for talking about leadership. Players need to be able to take charge in conversations to try and cooperate with people they believe to be crewmates to try and figure out who is an imposter. This means absorbing a lot of information and dissecting it to figure out what is true and who is lying in the group. Being able to lead in these situations can result in a lot of success.

Free Play (Week 2)

For free play week 2, me and a few other classmates played Among Us. This game is so trendy right now and has been everywhere over social media, yet this was my first time giving it a shot and I had a lot of fun playing. Of course, the first game I was an imposter and I had no idea what to do. In the very first round I used a vent in front of everybody and was called out as an imposter almost immediately, so that didn’t go very well for me. After that though, I started to build an understanding for strategy began to play better. I was only imposter once more throughout the session and ended up winning with another player.

We played in public lobbies to get more players and that was an experience in its own. I recommend turning on censor chat because some people can be straight up toxic nowadays. Other people were really nice and played the game cooperatively which was good to see. I can see why people are honestly addicted to this game. It is simple, it goes by relatively fast, and has a cheeky component of strategy and lying to other players to win the game. You never really know the truth (unless you were by the crime scene) which makes it difficult to pinpoint an imposter.

In terms of leadership, I was not one of them. leadership arises from people that have played this game a lot because they know the map and tend to know where most players were during a round. They help facilitate discussion when a body is reported. They also tend to make fantastic liars when they are imposter. This game was actually very fun and I would recommend it to others, plus, it’s free to play!

Free Play 2

This weeks game play was a free play and my group of 4 chose to play Among Us. I actually downloaded the game as an app on my phone and found it pretty easy to use in this format. Our game play went extremely well and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. We played multiple rounds with different numbers of players each round. We had a chance to type in the chat with strangers and it kept us entertained.

The hardest part about this game was keeping it a secret when given the role of the imposter. Since we all were on the zoom call and chatted throughout the game, often I found myself almost giving away my role or having a hard time speaking when I was the imposter. I really liked that this game was easy to play and easy to learn. I did not know the rules of the game coming in to today and I learned within 5 minutes.

This game ties to leadership because you are part of a team. Whether an imposter or a crewmate you are responsible for making your team win and that requires leading your teammates to success. However, focusing on the enjoyment factor of the game, it was easy to learn and easy to play and allowed for us to chat with each other. If I were to play this game again I would invite my boyfriend to play. I think we both would have a laugh trying to keep it a secret of who is what and messaging others in the chat. Overall it was an enjoyable week!