Game of the Week: Ladies and Gentlemen

For this session, we played the board game Ladies and Gentlemen. This is a board game where the players are split in two groups: the ladies and the gentlemen. The ladies spend their turns figuring out what they want to buy from the shops so they look their best for the party. The gentlemen spend their turn getting money to buy the ladies what they want by trading stocks and completing contracts.

For our game, I wanted to be a lady, which worked out well since two people wanted to be gentlemen and the other guy wanted to be a lady. The gameplay was pretty cool. The ladies get to lay down cards of different clothing and accessories and pick out what they want. I tried to go for a somewhat fancy outfit that would go well together if it was real. Unfortunately, my ‘husband’ wasn’t able to afford everything so I had to make do with what I had.

I really enjoyed this game, and thought it was pretty fun. The hardest part was at the beginning when the other ‘lady’ and I had trouble figuring out how the shops worked. Once we read over the rules again, we figured it out and it went smoother than the first time we tried. If I had to recommend this game to someone, it would be my friend Nate. I think it would be really funny to see what he would come up with if he was one of the ladies. For leadership, I think this game teaches you that you have to rely on others sometimes and you might not always get what you want.