Monthly Archives: May 2023

Werewolf Reflection

Personally I was a huge fan of werewolf. I like the class atmosphere and I know for a fact everyone in there liked it too. All the people seemed to be having so much fun and they all were engaging in conversation and just enjoying the experience. I know from personal experience what that game is like because I have played mafia and town of salem. All wonderful games that are great for breaking the ice between strangers. Also one student said that it is much better to play as strangers and I would 100% agree on that. The game started out sort of awkward and slow but once people began to participate in dialogue it was a lot easier for us to play along. I was virginia Wolf and the person I picked died very early.
My favorite part about the game was trying to figure out who was who and lying to the other players in order to gain a better hand. It was hard to interpret the truth because we didn’t know anything about each other. I am excited to play another game next week. I picked Forbidden Island because it just sounded interesting. I think this game is related to leadership because once the second person started talking people began to join in. People felt a lot better and were more at ease with each other.

Overall it was an amazing game that I truly enjoyed and I am looking forward to playing forbidden island next week. I wish the class times were more frequent, like maybe twice a week. That is because I felt a great relief of stress while playing and I’m excited to play more games later on in the semester.

T.I.M.E Stories Reflection – Week 2

On April 20th our class had a choice to either dive deeper into the adventures of T.I.M.E Stories or to participate in free play. Although my group and I encountered many struggles during our first session the week before, we chose to challenge ourselves and continue playing T.I.M.E Stories. The scenario we played was the Asylum, and at the beginning of the round we had the opportunity to choose which character we would be playing with. None of us were able to see each character’s conditions and characteristics before choosing them, but after failing our mission once we were able to choose a different character to play with if we weren’t satisfied with our current conditions. The characters we used for the second round were: Madeleine – Anxiety attacks (me), Marie – Erotomania, Edith – Cannibalism, and Felix – Paranoia. I found this to be a very good combination of characters, especially during combat. During this game our party explored multiple rooms and fought some monsters while trying to find hints and leads on how to complete our mission. During the second round we only visited the rooms where we knew there would be items and passages that we needed to get in order to access other areas. Since we took a lot of notes on the previous round, this was not an issue. 

The hardest part about playing this game was to use all the information we gathered to solve the pentacles puzzle. Even though we took notes on what we deemed important, our group had a hard time figuring out what was missing. This might have happened because while we took notes on a lot of things, we failed to notice the smaller details that ended up being the key to solving the puzzle. This was definitely the longest and most complex game that we have played so far, however it was also the most fun and challenging. Being able to explore on our own accord and slowly putting the pieces of the story together was great. We had a good dynamic and we had fun trying to take different paths than the ones we had used before. 

This game ties into leadership in ways that the other games we played didn’t as much. Because there are many different mechanics and rules in T.I.M.E stories, we needed everyone to be attentive and for communication to be clear and effective. Because of that, each of us took on a leadership role and made sure that the aspect of the game that we were focusing on was taken care of. Note taking, collecting items, choosing the best paths for our group, strategizing which characters would be better together were some of the aspects that were divided between us, and this helped us work together as a well organized team. After playing this game I believe that my family would enjoy playing together because it takes a while and it is very engaging. I think that it could definitely become a regular part of game nights since there are many different scenarios.