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leadership’s Like a Game Reflection

Leadership is like a game in so many ways. There are many similarities between playing a game and your role in it compared to being a leader. In a game like werewolf, everything seems to be very collaborative. With time there are certain people that beg to speak up the most or start the ball rolling by accusing others of benign the wolf. Leadership is really just voicing your options to get the conversation started. It acts as a domino effect in a group and people will be more likely to follow someone who has a strong option and voices it regularly. In our class we were shown a video of a man that started to dance. He was dancing by himself until the next person decided to join him. By this man joining him, he started a domino effect of people joining until almost everyone was dancing with them. Both men, the one who danced first and the first man to join him, showed leadership. This applies to games as it takes the first person to say something and create the conversation and the next person to either agree or disagree with them to get others to actively participate. This can also be seen in other multiplayer games like mental blocks. In my group’s experience, I was the leader of the group. I found that I would create my perspective of the blocks first and then had everyone else edit mine until we came to a final product. I showed leadership in this instance by making the first move and creating a plan for the rest of the group. Leadership does always need to seem like one person is only running the show, but instead that they were able to excite or include everyone else to want to complete a particular task. Leadership is like a game because one person is leading or starting it. In a game that includes groups, someone makes the first move and starts to form the strategy of how to overcome and complete the task of the game. Leadership is the same in things such as business, as someone will come up with an idea and start the conversation or strategy. They are the same because they work hand in hand.