Game of the Week: D&D Week 2

For this session, we continued our DnD campaign. We picked up from where we left off and ended up finishing the fight with the goblins. After this came the twist of having to introduce a new character to the group as we had someone new join the session. This was fun to do as we figured out a way that we all knew the character.

For the story in this one, we started to get into the plot. Our team trekked through the forest surrounding us and headed towards a cave guarded by goblins. This is where I really got to shine, as my character spoke Goblin. This moment really stuck out to me, as the whole time I’d been playing, I felt like I was in the background. But this let me try to do something that might advance the plot for everyone and just was overall a really good time for me. (Unsurprisingly, I failed and upset the goblin but it was fun to try!).

I think some of the hardship I was having the past week was a lot less this week. I understood the game a lot more and this allowed us to get through the story just a little faster than we had previously been going. The hardest part I had during this session was figuring out which weapon was best to fight goblins with! Another friend I’d like to play the game with is my friend Kaylynn. She’s very creative and I’d like to see how she reacts to things in the game. Lastly, the leadership ties to the game still remain the same as in my last review. DnD is a fantastic game for leadership I found!