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leadership’s Like a Game Reflection

Leadership is like a game in so many ways. There are many similarities between playing a game and your role in it compared to being a leader. In a game like werewolf, everything seems to be very collaborative. With time there are certain people that beg to speak up the most or start the ball rolling by accusing others of benign the wolf. Leadership is really just voicing your options to get the conversation started. It acts as a domino effect in a group and people will be more likely to follow someone who has a strong option and voices it regularly. In our class we were shown a video of a man that started to dance. He was dancing by himself until the next person decided to join him. By this man joining him, he started a domino effect of people joining until almost everyone was dancing with them. Both men, the one who danced first and the first man to join him, showed leadership. This applies to games as it takes the first person to say something and create the conversation and the next person to either agree or disagree with them to get others to actively participate. This can also be seen in other multiplayer games like mental blocks. In my group’s experience, I was the leader of the group. I found that I would create my perspective of the blocks first and then had everyone else edit mine until we came to a final product. I showed leadership in this instance by making the first move and creating a plan for the rest of the group. Leadership does always need to seem like one person is only running the show, but instead that they were able to excite or include everyone else to want to complete a particular task. Leadership is like a game because one person is leading or starting it. In a game that includes groups, someone makes the first move and starts to form the strategy of how to overcome and complete the task of the game. Leadership is the same in things such as business, as someone will come up with an idea and start the conversation or strategy. They are the same because they work hand in hand.

Material-Less Activity

What is the game:

  • The game is called survivor. You can play with a minimum of 5 players and there is no maximum. Players will stand in a circle and one the count of three everyone will look up and point at random players in the circle. If two people are pointing at each other then they will have to play rocks and paper scissors. Whichever player wins the game gets to stay in the circle and the player who loses will leave the circle. 


  1. No looking at the same person for two rounds in a row
  2. If players choose the same thing(ex: both choose rock) they will redo the game
  3. Players are allowed up to two alliances

Learning outcomes:

  1. Calculated Risk-Taking: Players need to take risks on who they will choose to point at; they will try and calculate the probability of the same person looking back at them
  2. Trust: When forming alliances, you need to learn trust in your friends or partners to not try and get you out
  3. Strategy: Players can choose to make alliances and you can strategize who you guys will try and get out

What Type of Gamer am I?

After completing the quiz on what type of gamer I am, I found that my board game motivations are high conflict, relaxed, grounded, and gregarious. The quiz compared four different types of motivation, Conflict, Social Fun, Strategy, and Immersion. In regards to conflict, I scored 77% and 63% in social manipulation. This means that I tend to be more competitive and enjoy games where players can take more hostile actions against other players. It also reported that I enjoy conformational mechanics which create a more intense and dynamic gameplay as the stakes are higher. My high social manipulation means that I enjoy playing psychological mind manes that are not determined by dice or a rulebook. I was not surprised by this information as my major is heavily influenced by psychology. I like putting on a poker face to try and convince others of a lie during gameplay. My strategy score was 1% which implies that I would prefer a more relaxed gameplay experience where the decisions do have much of a long term impact. I scored a 12% on discovery meaning that I prefer more traditional and familiar games. My need to win is at 82%, implying that I care alot about winning. I enjoy beating my competition and winning in the most important part of the game. The next section is Immersion, which involves going into the world of the game. I scored a 7% which implies that I would rather focus on the game mechanics and don’t like it when the theme begins to get too intrusive. The second motivation was Aesthetics, which I scored a 2%. This means that I do not care about the artwork and production value of the game. Lastly, I have scored my highest of 96% in Social fun. Gamers who score high on social fun means that they are more focused on having a good time with others, and the game is nearly a prop to get people to come together. In Cooperation i scored a 20% meaning that i prefer to go games that focus on individual decisions rather than working in a team. With Chance, I scored a 54%, meaning that I am very neutral on the option of luck in games and can play and enjoy a game if it is or isn’t in it. The last secondary motivation of Social fun is Accessibility, which I am scared of 94%. Players that score high prefer a game that can have a broad range of people pick up bandjoun. I prefer games that anyone can learn and play. Overall, as a gamer, I prefer a game that brings people together the most. WHile i still enjoy competition, I value having fun with my friends above all. 

Leadership’s Like a Game Reflection

Nick Porter

Leadership has many different characteristics involved. There is not a simple definition of leadership because it can take a wide range of forms. However, there are several qualities that are consistently important for a leader. Leaders usually have a sense of authority. They control and manage groups or situations. Possibly the most important quality in a leader is that they influence others. All of these qualities are also important in a game. That is why leadership is like a game.

            Authority is very common in leadership. Leaders often take initiative within a group or situation and they make sure they get done what they want to get done. This is the same when playing a game. You are the leader in a game because you have power when it is your turn and you have to make decisions. Leaders make decisions on a daily basis and they have to use their power to take control of circumstances. Authority is important in a game and for leaders because they you must have it to achieve a certain goal.

            Leadership often involves a lot of management and control. Leaders have to manage all of their resources and run things a certain way. In a game, there are often several things you have to manage such as cards, powerups, money, resources, etc. A game requires control over everything you own, and you have to manage things well in good shape at the end. Just like in a game, leaders have to manage their resources wisely or things can get out of control quickly.

            Finally, one of the most important qualities in leadership is influence. Leaders must have influence over others in order for them to follow the leader and achieve their goals. A game often requires influencing your opponent into making a mistake. You want your opponent to think they are doing something right when they are actually doing something wrong. A leader with good influence is able to convince a group of people to work hard do what you want them to do. In a game, good influence will cause your opponent to do something you want them to do which ultimately helps you win. If you can obtain the qualities of a good leader, you can utilize them to help you succeed in a game.

Fiasco! among the stars

Shenanigans among the stars


Reach for the stars

Faster than light travel has been discovered and commodified. Everyday people can get jobs piloting between planets or even upon stars. The stars were always pretty from Earth but who knew they could be even more pretty when you’re rocketing past them. We’ve explored every inch of the galaxy by now. It’s not the most common of jobs but it really gets you away from the life at home and out there. We’ve always had our eyes on the sky and now we’re there. Space is a fresh start for many. Is this your chance to start anew? What all can you find out there beyond the stars? Maybe you can do some good for everyone? After all, what’s there to lose?


1 partners

  1. Lab partners
  2. Captain and second mate
  3. A scientist and their helpful robot assistant
  4. On a honeymoon trip
  5. In crime, in life, in death
  6. For however long that lasts

2 coworkers

  1. Working in the bowels of the ship
  2. Assigned reluctantly
  3. Who bunk together
  4. The two who know the ship best
  5. A scientist and their helpful robot pal
  6. The only 2 who can communicate between 2 groups

3 friends

  1. Since day one of the assignment
  2. Traveling the worlds together
  3. From back in college
  4. At a time that isn’t right now
  5. Who share a secret
  6. For as long as this is mutually beneficial

4 shady

  1. Captain and head smuggler
  2. Dealer and druggie
  3. Blackmailer and blackmailed
  4. Person onboard officially and the person they smuggled in
  5. Mercs hired to oppose the rest
  6. Dealt together in the distant past

5 intrigue

  1. Alien and scientist
  2. Mysteriously ill and doctor 
  3. You recognize each other but you have no memory of meeting
  4. Recently you two agreed to a risky deal
  5. Detective and suspect
  6. You both suspect each other of something nefarious

6 rivals

  1. Vying for the captain’s notice
  2. In scientific discovery
  3. In owning the smuggling world
  4. Captaining the two best ships in the galaxy
  5. Siblings assigned to the same ship
  6. Captains of the two fastest ships in the galaxy


1 scientific discovery

  1. You want something named after you before you die
  2. you need more patents than your sibling
  3. You need to cure this disease
  4. You need to make the first contact
  5. You need to crack this code
  6. You need to invent something great

2 truth

  1. Something here isn’t right
  2. These glyphs mean something
  3. Your father disappeared in this sector years before
  4. Everyone needs to know this before I die
  5. They told me one thing before they disappeared
  6. They died and you need to know why

3 to get out

  1. Of a bad situation with worse people
  2. Of debt 
  3. Of the country with no way to track you
  4. Of this ship and away from these people
  5. And finally make something of myself
  6. Of this part of the galaxy

4 to get money

  1. And live life as stress free as possible
  2. To get your parents off your back
  3. To bail out a buddy
  4. To rid yourself of your past
  5. And start a new life half-way across the galaxy
  6. By any means necessary

5  to gain respect

  1. Of the crew
  2. Across the galaxy
  3. Of another person of science
  4. And accolades for my abilities
  5. From my family by finally doing something good
  6. Of that jerk who dismissed me

6 surviving

  1. This trip to the end
  2. To see someone one last time
  3. Because you promised them
  4. To prove them wrong
  5. To live a better life
  6. In spite of the situation


1 Tech

  1. The trustworthy AI aboard
  2. Bug codes on a zip drive
  3. Malware infecting something
  4. Robotic prosthetic or necessary accessory 
  5. A new invention you want to test out
  6. Your spaceship has just been fixed up

2 Alien

  1. Egg that might have just hatched
  2. Weapon accidentally activated
  3. Glyphs appearing on your arms
  4. Plant that just destroyed the observation room
  5. Baby smuggled aboard
  6. Parasite that just bit someone

3 Useful

  1. Wrench got from the engine room
  2. Fire Axe broken out of its box
  3. A single spacesuit
  4. The last functioning escape pod
  5. A medkit with all the works
  6. 3 days worth of rations

4 Dangerous

  1. item never meant for zero gravity
  2. Illegal weapons the captain doesn’t know about
  3. Deal with the mob that better pan out in the end
  4. Modifications done to a ship
  5. Meteorite headed straight for you
  6. Notification appearing with no sender

5 Secret

  1. Experimental drugs
  2. Smuggled goods ready for the market
  3. The last message from Earth
  4. An extra person
  5. Instructions from the local gang
  6. Part of an alien ruin still untranslated

6 Brings back memories

  1. Picture of a lost lover
  2. A personal journal
  3. Locket that won’t open
  4. Letter from a former friend
  5. A switchblade from dad
  6. A stuffed animal you still can’t sleep without


1 Past the milky way

  1. On a trip to the furthest star
  2. On the galaxy super highway
  3. In an alien blackmarket
  4. In an observation tank
  5. At the biggest space auction house this side of Pluto
  6. On an ordinary mining operation

2 in our galaxy

  1. Exploring Martian ruins
  2. Observing earth
  3. On a mission to Venus
  4. Escaping Earth
  5. Headed straight for the sun
  6. And leaving as fast as possible

3 Onboard a spaceship

  1. Owned by the US government
  2. On its maiden voyage
  3. Doing a cargo run
  4. Not necessarily your spaceship
  5. Hidden with the supplies
  6. Trapped in the medical center

4 in the middle of nowhere

  1. In an asteroid belt
  2. Far from anyone who could help
  3. Caught between two ships
  4. Found by smugglers
  5. Ready for a deal
  6. Hiding from the mob

5 Wrecked

  1. In hostile territory
  2. On an inhospitable planet
  3. And tied up by masked people
  4. Trapped in the ship
  5. On some random comet
  6. With your translator dead

6 lost

  1. On a planet not on your star charts
  2. Way off course
  3. Somewhere that has oxygen at least
  4. On a strange green planet
  5. With enough gas for one jump
  6. On an empty hunk of rock