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Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 1 Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 1

For this week in class, we started playing the game Fiasco. We are going to be playing this game over a span of three weeks. For the first week, my group was only able to set up the game. In the set up we had to roll dice to create our world and characters. As we progressed through the dice we realized our choices were becoming limited and made it harder for us to decide where we wanted our story to progress. In the end several characters had the same needs as we rolled a large proportion of one dice number. Our set up took longer than most. It took a bit of time to get everyone one the game page to get our story running. 

Fiasco is a game about co-leadership. You can’t play this game quietly or by yourself. Each person has to put something to the table in order for your story to work. Collaboration is the key to making this game succeed. If only one person is talking, asking the questions, and giving ideas for how the story could progress, then the game is not being played. Everyone has to put an effort into creating the world this game lives in.

I think my friends Sarah, Laura, Sam, and Gavin would enjoy playing this game. All of them enjoy playing games like DnD. At times the sessions of DnD they play almost end up in a Fiasco type journey. They love building worlds that could end up going horribly wrong based on the players actions. It as if chaos runs in their veins during the game session.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Roll Player

This week we played the game Roll Player. This game takes a whole new meaning into the ideas of character creation. I’ve never played a game before where the entire game is making a character. After a few technical difficulties, my group was able to play the game. I really enjoyed having to play a game all about character creation. Throughout the entire game, I was developing my strategy in making my character. However, due to time restraints we were unable to complete the game and determine scores. Despite not finishing the game in the class session, I had a blast playing. I’m thinking of buying and adding this game into my board game collection.

The hardest part of this game was the amount of things and rules to remember. My group forgot that we had additional skills that we could use when doing a specific part of the game. I might have had an easier skill to remember than my group mates as I was able to hold more weapons than the others. There were just so many things that you had to keep track of that it could get overwhelming at times.

Roll Player ties to leadership into the juggling of all the things you had to do. To be a leader, you might and probably will have to look at several things at one time. I remember hearing that being a good leader involves juggling balls, however your job as a leader is to know which balls are plastic and which are glass. If you drop a glass ball it shatters and is unable to be as it once was. If you drop a plastic ball, it will just bounce off the ground. Sometimes you gotta drop a few plastic balls to preserve the glass balls. 

I think my friends Gavin, Nick and Laura would enjoy this game. We play board games from time to time and always show each other new games. We haven’t been playing lately due to social distancing, but with the help of Tabletopia we could possibly play. Gavin and I actually got to play a game of it together and were having a blast trying to strategise to make our character have the best stats.