D&D weak one

This week we played D&D. I set up my player as a half-elf who love golds and was in jail because of stealing stuff. D&D is an RPG game that player can have their own weapons to deal damage with enemies, or use their own ability to heal, or use magic to attack enemies to make sure we reach to our final goal.

We started this game by joining up as a team to get the goods the kingdom needs and delivery to the kingdom. At the begging of our journey, we met a group of goblin who tries to attack us, but the new eliminate them and met our friend goldrush. And we entered a cave to take a rest, and this is the farthest we can get for today’s class. The hardest for me in this game is to truly believe goldrush is a good goblin that truly want to be friends with us. I would recommend this game to my friend Mike, he loves play RPG game and it will be interesting to see what kind of identity he will create.

I think this game ties to leadership because it is the leader’s decision to decide what should we take action next, also to come up with the best action that better benefits our team. A team leader should always know what will benefit the most for their team, and to act to any unexpected accident is one of the ability a team leader should have.