Game of the Week: D&D Week 3

This session was the last week of our DnD campaign. As always, we started the campaign by recapping what had happened previously so that everyone was caught up on what had happened. I found this a very helpful thing to do each time we played, as I found that I either forgot or misremembered some very minor things.

For this session of the story, we continued through the cave we were adventuring through to look for the man that was being held hostage by the goblins. We eventually found the man, and he was surrounded by some very angry goblins. My character tried to talk the head goblin here down but wasn’t the most successful. The goblin ended up dropping the man off the ledge we were on but one character in the group was able to jump down and catch the man in time. Sadly, we didn’t finish this section of the campaign before it was time to end.

The hardest part of the game this session was stopping. I really wanted to continue going and exploring the world around us with my group. We had a great DM who made sure that we all agreed on what to do and helped to navigate the fights and environments in a manner that really helped. The last person I’d like to introduce to this game would be my dad. He used to be into RPG games and I think he’d like it if he tried it out. I still agree on my views about leadership for this game, as it gives you the opportunity to be yourself and make the decisions you want to make.