Ladies and Gentlemen

I wasn’t able to make it to the class this day because of the internet issue, so I played this game with my family. It was overall a pretty fun experience with my family. The game basically have two groups, ladies and gentlemen. Ladies’ goal is to shopping what they want to dress to make them look pretty at the party, the gentlemen’s goal is to getting money for the ladies to buy what they want by trade stocks.

The hard part for me is to decide what should I trade to fulfill what the ladies want. My father wanted to be a lady so he can also experience shopping, and buying clothes like my mother to make him look good. At begging of the game, I do not want to trade much of my stock to be able to buy stuff for the ladies. But I found out I have to trade amount of stocks to be able to purchase clothes for my “wife” and even I trade all of my stock, I still can’t afford what my “wife” wants.”

I believe it ties to leadership because the game helps me to understand that to always find the balance of trade and spend is important to be a leader. A leader should always know for what it take to balance the team. To be able to understand trade in and spend will help a leader and also, more importantly, to be able to understand what it takes to balance the team is the most important thing.