Free play week two

This week I played League of legends as my free play week. The game is about five-player has their own lines against opponents, each player have their own task to push a line, destroy a tower, eliminate a player on their line and the final goal is to get the opponent’s cristal base. The game overall is pretty interesting and the hardest part for me is to not get ganked by the opponent player from my line.

At the first of the game, I played a new hero that I am not familiar with, I am not sure about the hero’s skill and special ability, but as time goes, I am getting used to the hero and become good at it. It will be interesting to see my father play the game, he always wanted to play this sort of game but he never gets the time to do so. It will be interesting to see my father’s reaction by play League of legends, I think he will be interesting to play the game.

I think the game ties to the leadership that when one player is dominating the game, he should always think about what he can do to help his teammate to grow its economics so that his team can be able to win the game. One player should always consider assists his teammate not only themself. Teamplay is always the most powerful to overcome a problem, so a leader should always help his team to group together because one person might do anything, but together, the team will always come up with a better solution.