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RPG Character Build Reflection

To build an RPG character sheet that described my real-life leadership attributes I used the Dungeon and Dragons template. This was probably one of the more harder assignments for me because I lack experience creating these sheets and didn’t really understand the point system at all. However, I was able to receive and help and advice from two other classmates so hopefully, I’ve done it correctly!

My favorite part of the assignment was the amount of creativity and free reign I had designing my sheet. I enjoyed that I got to rank things like my strengths and personality traits but the thing I most enjoyed was probably the fact that this was an opportunity to brag about all my leadership traits and experiences. Designing your own Character Build is kind of like designing your resume because it’s how you will present yourself in the world! Overall, I think my character sheet is an accurate representation of who I am as both a person and leader.

Buzzfeed LeaderShip Quiz Reflection

For the BuzzFeed assignment, I created a personality quiz that would determine the leadership style that best fits the participant and tells them the corresponding Meeple color. For example, if someone has a democratic leadership style then their results would be the blue meeple. I think all gamers should take a leadership quiz similar to this one because being aware of one’s leadership style can improve everyone’s gaming experience.

I think the hardest part of the assignment was figuring out how to use the quiz software/template and coming up with variable answers so that those who took the quiz didn’t get all the same results. My favorite part of the assignment was definitely receiving everyone’s results and their opinions on what they got. In general, everyone agreed with their colored meeple so my quiz was fairly accurate overall. Something that could be improved upon is increasing the number of questions so that the results are clearer.

Fiasco Playset Reflection

I designed a Fiasco playset (with the help of my father) that was based on the popular Netflix series, the Peaky Blinders. I think the hardest part of the assignment was both the duration of how long it would take to complete and coming up with things like relationships and locations that weren’t too specific or too vague. Creating different six groups of six is harder than you would think. It was very tedious to make sure that none of the relationships or other categories were repetitive and made sense in the overall them of the game.

When creating my own playset I used both the playsets already programmed into TableTopia and other fan-created fiasco sets to give me a sense of the different directions I could guide my game to go. I submitted my assignment in the form of a google doc template but I’m looking forward to finding a way that my family can actually play it. My favorite part was designing something I knew my family would enjoy and could potentially get them hooked on Fiasco. There’s a possibility I may create more playsets in the future because Fiasco is the best game we have played so far in class

“How to Play” Video Reflection

For the first time ever I created an instructional video with my voiceover and it was very nerve-wracking. The game I chose to model a how-to video after is one of my favorites called Among Us. Last week, I downloaded the mobile app and played multiple rounds while screen recording and recording audio with a mic in my headphones. I think most of my anxiety surrounding this assignment came from being self-conscious of my voice or my inexperience as a gamer. Usually, when people create videos like this they are pros with a well-established Youtube video but I took this as an opportunity to push my boundaries.

The video requirements were that it had to be 7-10 minutes long with leadership aspects discussed at some point. At first, I thought 7-10 minutes was far too long but by the time I had finished my video, it was a little over half an hour! So the majority of my time was spent editing and cutting parts that I deemed unnecessary to fulfill the requirements. However, removing parts was disappointing because at some moments the video was funny or gave useful tips but I think I captured the best 8 minutes possible. Some leadership aspects referenced were communication and flexibility because whether your an imposter or a crewmate being able to direct the discussion in the chat before the voting process could be the difference between life and death, winning or defeat.

What Type of Gamer am I Reflection

Last week I completed a quiz that determined what type of gamer I am and then wrote a 1-2 page reflection of the results. In terms of the quiz taking experience, I would say that it was a relatively quick assessment and was straightforward. Those are elements that I can appreciate because when these types of quizzes are worded weird or confusing it definitely skews the results. However, I would say my results were a pretty accurate interpretation of my gaming profile.

The results were based on a four motivations cluster model and each cluster had subcategories related to it. I scored high on the first motivation cluster of conflict and social manipulation because when I like to play to win. This means I will do anything to beat my opponents including using tactics like deceit as a strategy. This is probably why I’m so good at games that require some degree of bluffing. I scored low on strategy and discovery because I don’t enjoy games that require a heavy level of thinking or just serve to demonstrate intelligence. I scored relatively high on immersion and aesthetics because I like games I can pretend to be in and that look pleasing to the eye. Lastly, I scored high on social fun because I am not a serious gamer. I don’t play in competitions or participate in organizations. When I play it is purely for entertainment and in social gatherings. Overall, I would consider these results an accurate representation of myself as a gamer.