Monthly Archives: August 2020

Week 1 (Roll Player)

To begin this class we started with the game Roll Player. As someone who has never played a character creation game, I quickly realized how it tied to leadership. In order for someone to be a successful leader, one must know what traits a successful leader has and then embody them. Creating a character gives the opportunity to create someone who embodies the traits we aspire to have.

My particular session of playing with my classmates was very enjoyable. We kept our Zoom call on so that we could participate in discussion while we played and anyone could ask any questions throughout. It was nice to get a chance to talk to people outside of my typical classes, as I am an accounting major and don’t know a single person in the class. My only complaints are while Tabletopia is very user friendly software, the speed of the game was definitely slower than it would be as an in-person class. I also had more trouble visualizing my next moves as I am very much a physical learner.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game. It was unlike any game I have ever played before. I think the hardest part about it was definitely thinking ahead and planning what strategy to take in order to have the most points in the end. There are many different directions one can take in order to score the most points. I want to introduce this game to my boyfriend, Daniel, as I think he would really enjoy it. He is also an accountant and has a very numbers based mind and typically enjoys playing games that involve strategy. Definitely a great first week of class!


This game enhance my leadership skills very much. I have to plan my character initially. I want him to become stronger. My character is an elf and my profession is a thief. Therefore, I must have sufficient agility. I will think about how I should plan my characters in order to get higher scores. My cooperation with my other players is also very important because we have to choose skills or talent cards. My teammates and I think communication in the game is very important. We are all playing this game for the first time, we have many unfamiliar places, so we keep communicating to achieve the best results. The remote game is a bit difficult to move cards and dice, but some game steps can be displayed directly and save time.In general, this game requires planning, execution and leadership. It is a very interesting game.