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What Type of Gamer Am I? An Analysis

While I personally have played video games far more than I’ve played board games, I certainly still do enjoy board and tabletop games. As such, I was interested to see just how my results for Quantic Foundry’s Test, a test that analyses my motivations for playing board games, might compare to my interests when playing video games. Alongside this, I was also interested in whether the results of this test would match the kind of gamer that I personally think I am when it comes to board games, or if  there would be some discrepancy between the kind of board game player I personally believe I am and the kind of board game player the test believes I am. 

 Quantic Foundry’s Test analyzed my motivations for playing board games based upon four main categories, Conflict, Strategy, Immersion and Social Fun. To begin this analysis, I would like to take a look at my score for Strategy specifically, and its subcategory: Discovery. For the Strategy category as a whole, I scored a 66%, but for the Discovery subcategory I only scored a 15%. At first glance, this seemed very odd to me, as I initially thought that this score was referring to games where discovering something was a main element of its enjoyment. When it comes to the video games I play, I very much enjoy games with large worlds to explore, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Hollow Knight, as finding every nook and cranny of a world is very rewarding to me. However, as I continued reading my results I realized that this was not referring to my interest in an aspect of a game, but rather my interest in seeking out new games to play. As such, I believe this low Discovery score actually fits me quite well when it comes to board games, as I have a tendency to return to games that I have played before or share games I’ve enjoyed with others rather than searching for new board games to play. That is not to say that I will not try new board games at all, as just recently I played a deckbuilder game called Dominion for the first time, but when given the option I have noticed that I gravitate more towards games that I am already familiar with.

However, my Discovery score is not the only score that I am interested in analyzing, as I believe that my score for Conflict, and its subcategory Social Manipulation are quite interesting as well. For my Conflict score, I received a 65%, while for Social Manipulation I received a 21%. Personally, this makes sense to me, as I consider myself quite bad when it comes to games that involve bluffs or deceit. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, as games like Werewolf and Coup are still quite enjoyable, but I often find myself losing relatively early on as I simply do not have the skills needed to hide my intentions or detect other’s hidden intentions. The relatively high Conflict score also makes sense to me, as I find that it can be hard to be motivated in a game you are losing if there is no real way to affect the other players. If one player has simply been dealt a better hand, or just has generally more experience with the game, there needs to be some way to fight against that advantage to make the game enjoyable to the other players, which to me means that some form of direct conflict in board games is needed if the game is not a cooperative effort.

Overall, I feel that Quantic Foundry’s test has done a good job of revealing just what interests me in board games, and possibly even in video games as well. While discovering new board games to play may not be as important to me as having board games that I enjoy playing, games that themselves revolve around discovering new and interesting things in their worlds are still quite interesting to me. Alongside this, my relative lack of skill in deceit and bluffing tends to push me away from social manipulation games, even though I do find that conflict is an important part of board games. And while I did not specifically touch on them, I do find that my scores for Social Fun and Immersion make sense as well, as having fun is ultimately the goal when playing a board game, and a game’s art and world alone.

What Type of Gamer am I?

After completing the quiz on what type of gamer I am, I found that my board game motivations are high conflict, relaxed, grounded, and gregarious. The quiz compared four different types of motivation, Conflict, Social Fun, Strategy, and Immersion. In regards to conflict, I scored 77% and 63% in social manipulation. This means that I tend to be more competitive and enjoy games where players can take more hostile actions against other players. It also reported that I enjoy conformational mechanics which create a more intense and dynamic gameplay as the stakes are higher. My high social manipulation means that I enjoy playing psychological mind manes that are not determined by dice or a rulebook. I was not surprised by this information as my major is heavily influenced by psychology. I like putting on a poker face to try and convince others of a lie during gameplay. My strategy score was 1% which implies that I would prefer a more relaxed gameplay experience where the decisions do have much of a long term impact. I scored a 12% on discovery meaning that I prefer more traditional and familiar games. My need to win is at 82%, implying that I care alot about winning. I enjoy beating my competition and winning in the most important part of the game. The next section is Immersion, which involves going into the world of the game. I scored a 7% which implies that I would rather focus on the game mechanics and don’t like it when the theme begins to get too intrusive. The second motivation was Aesthetics, which I scored a 2%. This means that I do not care about the artwork and production value of the game. Lastly, I have scored my highest of 96% in Social fun. Gamers who score high on social fun means that they are more focused on having a good time with others, and the game is nearly a prop to get people to come together. In Cooperation i scored a 20% meaning that i prefer to go games that focus on individual decisions rather than working in a team. With Chance, I scored a 54%, meaning that I am very neutral on the option of luck in games and can play and enjoy a game if it is or isn’t in it. The last secondary motivation of Social fun is Accessibility, which I am scared of 94%. Players that score high prefer a game that can have a broad range of people pick up bandjoun. I prefer games that anyone can learn and play. Overall, as a gamer, I prefer a game that brings people together the most. WHile i still enjoy competition, I value having fun with my friends above all. 

What Type of Gamer Am I?

After I took the quiz from Quantic Foundery, I think the result is very accurate. This result of the quiz shows that I have high conflict score, which means more competitive and enjoy games where players can attack each other. I think the reason is that I often play FPS games and Battle Royal games, such as CSGO, APEX, PUBG and so on. I enjoy playing against other players a lot. And it might be the same for me on board games, for example I enjoy playing Incan gold a lot since it can play against with each other. So, I think this high conflict score is quite accurate.

About the Social Manipulation, I think why the score is also higher than others is influenced by the game I always play, too. Because in the game like CSGO, Valorant or Rainbow Six, players need to guess what your opponents will do for this round based on some information. For example, the economic situation on CSGO can determined whether a team could buy guns or not. If players guess their opponents will Eco for this round, which means do not buy good guns for that round to get good economic situation, then players can play more aggressive since they have the adventure on good guns. I think this is the reason of why I enjoy playing psychological mind games and why I get a high score on social manipulation.

About the score on social fun, I also think it is very accurate. Since I do not play board games a lot, which is once per week during the class time, I think the most important thing for me  to play board game is to gain some happiness because I know I am not good at board games. So, I enjoy the game which has simple rules and easy to play with. And this might also be the reason of my low score on needs to win and cooperation, because I just want to have fun during playing board games, so I do not care about the teamwork and win or lose. However, I know these things are very important in all kinds of games. For example, if in the game like CSGO, players do not care about the teamwork, they will have a very low chance to win. I think this is also true for some competitive board games.

For the low score on Aesthetics, I think it is also very accurate because I almost do not care about how beauty the game is, I think a good game can attract more players based on the content itself and the company’s later operation. Personally, I think the aesthetic can make a game being better, but it is not a big adventure.

All in all, I think the quiz has a very high accuracy.

What Type of Gamer Am I?

I have never been much of a board game player. I play every once in a while and only in social settings. I am never one to suggest playing a board game, but I am willing to if I see that we can have good fun out of it. After taking this test I learned a lot about what my motivation is to play board games compared to others.

In the first category, I received a 37% conflict and 74% social manipulation. I have never been a very competitive person. I think playing with very competitive people usually takes the fun out of it for me. I look to have fun and laugh while playing board games instead of trying to win. Social manipulation scored high because I think it is fun to bluff or deceive the other players. It’s different from being competitive because you can laugh about tricking your friends and it makes the game interesting.

In the next category, I received a 18% strategy and 4% discovery. I tend to prefer more relaxed games with less cognitive challenges involved. I like more fast-paced games that don’t require a lot of pondering for each move. Discovery was my lowest score on the test and that is because I don’t like to take the time and learn complex game mechanics. I prefer traditional gameplay that is easy and familiar.

Next, I received a 60% immersion and 44% aesthetics. I definitely enjoy immersion in board games and other aspects of entertainment. I want to feel like I am a part of something that is out of this world. Having the ability to become a character while playing a boardgame is fun, but I don’t want to spend the time learning an extensive background or complex stats about my character. To me, aesthetics is a plus, but it is not necessarily important. I feel that aesthetics helps a little bit with immersion so I will never complain about that.

Finally, my highest score on the test is a 84% social fun. This is my main reason why I’d participate in a board game. I enjoy having fun with other people. It is not about winning to me, but just enjoying the process with friends and having a good laugh. I also scored a 58% cooperation because I believe it can be fun to work together with your friends to reach a common goal. It is always satisfying when you work with someone else to beat another group of people. Even though I scored low on conflict, working with someone else can really enhance the social fun aspect of a board games when you are cooperating with your peers.