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Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 12-Free Play

For week 12 I played Carcassonne as my group’s free play game. I had never played this game before, but I really enjoyed it. The hardest part about this game was forming a strategy. It is a pretty simple game, however there was a level of strategy to it. Having never played, I was unsure of what my strategy should be. 

I think this game could be tied to leadership because you have to make decisions on where to put your pieces. A good leader I believe is someone who can form a plan, make decisions, and execute their idea. I think my family would like to play this game because it is played pretty quickly and casually. My brother especially would like this game because it is quick, but still strategic and fun. 

The first time we played I did really well and came in second place which I was happy about considering two out of the four of us playing had played before. However, the second game I tried a new strategy and lost by a lot. We all had a lot of fun making our towns and trying to block others. I liked the game a lot and plan to play again! There is nothing about it that I would change. 

Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 11- T.I.M.E. Stories Week 1

In class we played the game T.I.M.E.. Some people played the game two weeks in a row, but I chose to only play it the first week. For me the hardest part was understanding the rules. I was very confused by the rules to the point that I couldn’t even focus on the mystery aspect. I love solving mysteries, however while playing this game I was too focused on the rules to pay attention to all of the clues. 

We tied this game to leadership with our discussion about does leadership ever end and can you win at leadership. I think my friend Spencer would like to play this game because he likes role playing games and thinking strategically. 

Everyone I played with chose not to save for week 2 of this game, mainly because we were all confused. We all did start to get into it when we started moving rooms. The one thing I did like about this game was moving to different locations and being able to unlock new maps. However, I did not like how confusing the rules were and how the rules took away from me being able to solve the mystery.   

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 10- Ladies & Gentlemen

One week in class we played Ladies & Gentlemen. I was a gentleman and had a lot of fun doing the fast-paced stock market. The hardest part of the game for me was waiting on the women side. On my side of the table, we always got through our parts really fast and then waited forever for the women side. I enjoyed all of the jokes the gentlemen were making in the role play, however it got really boring waiting on the women to make decisions. I assume though that that is just how the game goes. 

I think some of my friends would like to play this game who like strategic play, but also a faced paced other side of the table. I have friends who I know would like the ladies side and I have friends who I know would like the gentlemen side. In particular I think my friend Joe would really get into the role play and enjoy this game. 

Our session went well; however, we were unable to finish the whole game. I liked the stock market aspect. However, it was rather boring at times waiting on the ladies. I wish the tasks per side were more equal in timing. The gentlemen always got our part done and then had to wait around for the ladies. 

In terms of leadership, we discussed making everyone feel comfortable to be included. We discussed how in our roleplay many of us assumed we had social identities of people who are in the majority. Very few if anyone assumed their character had a disability or other social identity that would put them in the minority in the setting. 

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 8- Ticket to Ride- Europe Map

For week 8 in class, it was a free play week. I choose to play Ticket to Ride- Europe Map. I had never played this game, but some of my family has, so I figured it would be a good game to try. Everyone who played that night in class had never played before. Yet, the game play went smoothly and was a lot of fun. I enjoyed us all trying to figure out a strategy that would work to win. I ended up really liking the game and hope to play another version of Ticket to Ride again soon. 

I think the hardest part for me was finding a strategy that worked well for me in the game. Since it was my first time playing I wasn’t sure if I should always be placing trains or collecting more cards. I think this applies to leadership because leaders do not always know if they have the best strategy. In the game and in a leadership role I want to always have the best strategy, but that can be difficult when I feel out of place. Looking for mentorship can help with this. 

I think my family would like to play to play this game. They have played a different map, so I think they would like this one. I hope in the future I can play this again with them because I really liked this game. 

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 7: Two Rooms and A Boom!

For week 7 in class, we played a whole class game of Two Rooms and A Boom!. I had never played this game before, but I really enjoyed it. In the first round I was the President, but died by the bomb. The hardest part for me was not really knowing people in the class. I am pretty introverted, so it was awkward for me at first to talk to people in my rooms. 

Another difficult aspect of the game was when I was the blind person because I was pretty much ignored. Being pushed room to room in a chair was the most attention I received, and it was like people were laughing at me when it was happening. I understand in the game it made it obvious that I was not the bomb or the President, but it still would have been nice to be included regardless. One of my best friends is blind and it’s frustrating watching people exclude her in a similar way in life. This is something to remember in a leadership position. People in your organization will have differences and it’s important to include everyone at the table. Everyone wants to feel included and that their respected. 

I think my Church’s youth group would love to play this game. We like to play large group games, and this is a fun one that gets everyone included. They would also like how no one is eliminated in between rounds so everyone can play. 

Overall, I would play this game again! In class it was fun to strategize with everyone.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 6 Mental Blocks

For week 6 of class I played Mental Blocks. I initially thought the game would be quite boring after a couple of rounds because I thought it would be the same sort of game round after round. What I did not expect what the different challenges added in and that no two rounds were the same. Some of the challenges were a player was unable to talk or unable to touch a certain color. 

I think the hardest part was that no two rounds were the same. Every time we thought we figured out a good strategy it would not work the next round. Each round led us to different issues to overcome. 

This game ties to leadership because in this game you have to work together, but it is easy to be selfish and demanding. This ties in with student orgs for example when the leadership team needs to work together, but they all might have their own agendas of how things should be done. 

I think my cousin Becca would like to play this game because she likes puzzles and games that go together. So Mental Blocks would be perfect for her because it is a puzzle and a game all in one. 

Our play session went well out of the 10 puzzles we did we only didn’t complete 1 and took extra time on 2 before we completed them successfully, but just too slow. My favorite memory of our session was when I found out I couldn’t talk, and I threw my hands in the air exasperated. The player sitting next to me turned to me and said “well guess we know who can’t talk”. It made me laugh! It was really fun trying to come up with different strategies. I liked that no two rounds were the same and how it was a race against the clock. I would definitely play again.