Game of the Week Blog Reflection 8- Ticket to Ride- Europe Map

For week 8 in class, it was a free play week. I choose to play Ticket to Ride- Europe Map. I had never played this game, but some of my family has, so I figured it would be a good game to try. Everyone who played that night in class had never played before. Yet, the game play went smoothly and was a lot of fun. I enjoyed us all trying to figure out a strategy that would work to win. I ended up really liking the game and hope to play another version of Ticket to Ride again soon. 

I think the hardest part for me was finding a strategy that worked well for me in the game. Since it was my first time playing I wasn’t sure if I should always be placing trains or collecting more cards. I think this applies to leadership because leaders do not always know if they have the best strategy. In the game and in a leadership role I want to always have the best strategy, but that can be difficult when I feel out of place. Looking for mentorship can help with this. 

I think my family would like to play to play this game. They have played a different map, so I think they would like this one. I hope in the future I can play this again with them because I really liked this game.