Game of the Week Blog Reflection 7: Two Rooms and A Boom!

For week 7 in class, we played a whole class game of Two Rooms and A Boom!. I had never played this game before, but I really enjoyed it. In the first round I was the President, but died by the bomb. The hardest part for me was not really knowing people in the class. I am pretty introverted, so it was awkward for me at first to talk to people in my rooms. 

Another difficult aspect of the game was when I was the blind person because I was pretty much ignored. Being pushed room to room in a chair was the most attention I received, and it was like people were laughing at me when it was happening. I understand in the game it made it obvious that I was not the bomb or the President, but it still would have been nice to be included regardless. One of my best friends is blind and it’s frustrating watching people exclude her in a similar way in life. This is something to remember in a leadership position. People in your organization will have differences and it’s important to include everyone at the table. Everyone wants to feel included and that their respected. 

I think my Church’s youth group would love to play this game. We like to play large group games, and this is a fun one that gets everyone included. They would also like how no one is eliminated in between rounds so everyone can play. 

Overall, I would play this game again! In class it was fun to strategize with everyone.