Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 6 Mental Blocks

For week 6 of class I played Mental Blocks. I initially thought the game would be quite boring after a couple of rounds because I thought it would be the same sort of game round after round. What I did not expect what the different challenges added in and that no two rounds were the same. Some of the challenges were a player was unable to talk or unable to touch a certain color. 

I think the hardest part was that no two rounds were the same. Every time we thought we figured out a good strategy it would not work the next round. Each round led us to different issues to overcome. 

This game ties to leadership because in this game you have to work together, but it is easy to be selfish and demanding. This ties in with student orgs for example when the leadership team needs to work together, but they all might have their own agendas of how things should be done. 

I think my cousin Becca would like to play this game because she likes puzzles and games that go together. So Mental Blocks would be perfect for her because it is a puzzle and a game all in one. 

Our play session went well out of the 10 puzzles we did we only didn’t complete 1 and took extra time on 2 before we completed them successfully, but just too slow. My favorite memory of our session was when I found out I couldn’t talk, and I threw my hands in the air exasperated. The player sitting next to me turned to me and said “well guess we know who can’t talk”. It made me laugh! It was really fun trying to come up with different strategies. I liked that no two rounds were the same and how it was a race against the clock. I would definitely play again.