Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 12-Free Play

For week 12 I played Carcassonne as my group’s free play game. I had never played this game before, but I really enjoyed it. The hardest part about this game was forming a strategy. It is a pretty simple game, however there was a level of strategy to it. Having never played, I was unsure of what my strategy should be. 

I think this game could be tied to leadership because you have to make decisions on where to put your pieces. A good leader I believe is someone who can form a plan, make decisions, and execute their idea. I think my family would like to play this game because it is played pretty quickly and casually. My brother especially would like this game because it is quick, but still strategic and fun. 

The first time we played I did really well and came in second place which I was happy about considering two out of the four of us playing had played before. However, the second game I tried a new strategy and lost by a lot. We all had a lot of fun making our towns and trying to block others. I liked the game a lot and plan to play again! There is nothing about it that I would change.