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Ladies & Gentlemen

Ladies & Gentlemen is a multiplayer tabletop cooperative fun type game. The best number of players for this game is 6 and you need to try to have the same number of male and female players so that you can make sure that one person plays the role of the gentleman who works hard to earn money and the other person plays the role of the wife who is good at spending money to dress herself. During the game the gentleman needs to work hard to earn money while the wife works hard to make her husband spend money to buy the right clothes and accessories, thus forming a cooperative relationship between the couple and the competition with other couples in the game. At the end of the game, the team with the most elegantly dressed wife wins, in fact, the wife of the man with the most luxuriously dressed whole body wins.
The rules of the game and the game process are very simple and easy to understand, and there is no overly complicated game process required. And overall the game is very fun and enjoyable because the players playing as gentlemen can quickly grab the most profitable resource cards in the money making process like kids grabbing candy. The interaction between husbands and wives can simulate the same flirting as real couples, which is perfect for social bonding between boys and girls.
I think the most important point of this game involving leadership is to maintain the order of the game, as well as for the specific implementation of the rules of the game. The game requires a leader to maintain order in the marketplace among the gentlemen, to ensure that everyone gets a fair share of the income and to prevent anyone from secretly getting more game currency. At the same time, the leader needs to guide everyone to earn money in the earning stage, to buy goods for the wife in the buying stage, and to decide the winner and loser of the game in the final deciding stage. I believe this is a game that all young people will enjoy because it is so much fun. It’s also a very effective social icebreaker between men and women, and I really like it. But the biggest drawback is that the game is not suitable for repeated play. Once players lose their sense of freshness, it becomes relatively uninteresting, due to the lack of a certain amount of competition.

Fiasco Part1

Fiasco is a tabletop social game full of imagination and free play. The optimal number of players for this game is about 4. With Fiasco, players can make up an interesting game plot on the spot by following the plot path and character endings provided in the game book. Players can express their personalities and humor to their heart’s content through their imagination and creativity, which is perfect for socializing among players.

Rather than following Fiasco’s rules, the game provides a plot to help guide players in building a complete script for the game. For example, when the game’s plot guides the player through a violent event in a small town, the player is instructed to play the role of a student or a murderer in a virtual interpretation of the violence. Therefore, the freedom to use imagination and creativity is very meaningful and important.

Overall, the game requires a leading player to take charge of the main idea of plot creation, and other players can follow this idea to make a detailed and vivid addition to the game plot. Leadership is very important, and the creativity of the leader for the plot will influence the direction of the game’s script, making it interesting and full of logic.

Fiasco is a game that may cause different values of different players to collide, for example, some players can not accept the presence of violence, gore, death, sexual assault, pornography-related script, so before starting the game the group players need to discuss and negotiate the elements of the game’s plot. My personal values are very inclusive, so I can accept any type of script. I also believe that an unrestricted script allows me to better utilize my leadership, imagination and creativity. So I really like this free-form rules game, and I think people of all ages who love to socialize will enjoy it.

Mysterium Reflection

Mysterium is a very interesting co-operative puzzle game. I think a player count of around 5 would be best. It could be mistaken for a horror game, but it is actually full of humour and hilarity. This is because there are ghosts in the game and the ghosts are played by the players. The player who plays the ghost does not communicate directly with the other players who are solving the puzzle, he can only give the other players cards with clues to help them. Or he can use all body language other than words to indicate this.

I don’t think Mysterium is too difficult to play, but it is a bit difficult to win the game. All players need to be able to complete the puzzle level with their own cards. Although other players can help one person solve the puzzle, the cards often show clues that are too abstract or illogical. This makes it possible for other players to disagree on the understanding of the cards as they help other players solve them. As there is a time limit on the game, incorrectly deciphering each card can also lead to a failure to win.

Mysterium is a game that I don’t think requires much leadership, as the leadership aspect is mainly in the ability of the players to lead each other in their understanding of the cards. But often the leader’s own judgement is very inaccurate, and blind leadership can lead the game to failure. The abstract and illogical cards require discussion and deliberation between each player to come to a clue conclusion. Finally I think Mysterium is suitable for all ages, from schoolchildren to middle-aged people of parental age, who will find it very interesting. This is because the clue cards amplify people’s minds and stimulate their imagination. I really like it too!

Week Blog Reflection: Pandemic

Pandemic is a cooperative tabletop game to complete tasks. Several players need to travel to various regions of the world to eliminate local viruses in their turn of the game. This process requires cooperation and division of labor, because once the virus is not effectively eliminated, all players will fail together.

The entire world map of the game is roughly divided into 4 regions, Europe, America, East Asia, and the Middle East. Different regions have different types of prevalent viruses, and the victory condition of the game is to eliminate the four types of prevalent viruses. This process is actually very difficult, because it requires close cooperation of teammates in the game. For example, it is necessary to build medical laboratories to connect the entire world, thus coming to facilitate the maximum distance that can be moved each turn. Each player needs to play the special skills of his character to help his teammates to eliminate the virus. However, the cooperation between teammates is difficult to do great. This becomes the most difficult part of the game.

In order to win this game, it is necessary to have a leading player to lead the whole field of thought. Because this is a game that requires teamwork, not having a main leader will result in players working very poorly together, which means it is impossible to finish the game. I personally do not like this game because there is no camp rivalry in this game, but all players cooperate to complete the task. I would prefer a game full of camp rivalries, where players are divided into at least two camps. Victory in such a situation would be more satisfying. Fortunately for me and my group, I had a group leader who was very experienced with this game. This made it possible for us to play the game without being particularly confused or uninterested.

But there were also group members who enjoyed this cooperative type of game because they didn’t like the fact that the game was played in a confrontational format. Maybe the girls liked this cooperative type of game more and the boys maybe liked the confrontation type of game more. So I think my mother my sister would probably like it.

Ultimate Werewolf Blog

  • Ultimate Werewolf is a very strategic, logical and fun multiplayer offline social game. The game will divide 10-20 players into two main camps, the evil side and the good side. The victory condition is that the good side defeats the evil side, or the evil side defeats the good side. In addition and will be subdivided into some small camps, such as Cupid let two people become a couple, and the victory condition of the couple is to ensure that both people can survive to the end of the game.
  • For the evil side, the werewolves, they need to find their companions at night and kill all the good side characters. The good side needs to deduce who the werewolves are according to what happens during the night. It’s not like the righteous side can’t do something about it. All the characters except for the normal villagers have some skills to find out who the hidden werewolves are or to protect other righteous players from being killed.
  • I really like this game because it is a great test of leadership. For the Justice side, the Justice leader needs to have a strong logical mind and good game character skills to guide all the Justice players to find the werewolf and execute him in daylight. And the leader also needs his firm leadership to prevent the werewolf side from challenging his leadership. The same goes for the werewolf camp. The werewolf camp leader role needs to lead the other werewolves to confirm the kill of the right target and needs to lead the other werewolf players during the day to mislead the other justice side players to join his camp to execute the justice side characters.
  • The risk of this game is when the leader character makes a wrong leadership leading to the failure of the game, for example, if the righteous leader mistakes the villagers as lurking werewolves leading everyone to believe he is a werewolf and executes him during the daytime. Or the werewolf player leads other werewolves to kill unimportant non-important Justice side characters in multiple nights resulting in game failure. Or when leading other werewolves to mislead other righteous players to join their camp during the day, a failure due to a lapse in the logic level of the chat leads to the entire camp being suspected of being werewolves resulting in a failure.
  • Personally, I am very willing to take risks and I like to be a camp leader. Because taking risks is a responsibility that a leader must take, and it will determine whether other people in the same camp will be willing to follow my command. Because when the game is won, I am likely to be the most recognized and popular character, and when it is lost, I am likely to be the reprimanded character. Risk is something I can take and popularity is something I aspire to.

Roll Player

Roll player is a very strategic board game. Its best number of players is four. This class is the first time I play this game, so in the beginning, I still don’t understand many rules. But when I figure out the rules, I found the game is full of antagonism and strategy. This game is very much in line with the type of game I like. Because if players want to win the game, they need to be thoughtful. Dice in the game will affect the outcome of the trend, but their own strategy is the most important factor to win the game.

At the beginning of the game, you need to choose a character. The optional characters are elves, humans, orcs, etc. After the character, you also need to choose your character’s class, such as thief, warrior. And they’re going to decide what I’m going to focus on to win the game. I have to mention that it reminds me of World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft looks very similar to it. And I’m a fan of World of Warcraft. So I love this game very much.