Ladies & Gentlemen

Ladies & Gentlemen is a multiplayer tabletop cooperative fun type game. The best number of players for this game is 6 and you need to try to have the same number of male and female players so that you can make sure that one person plays the role of the gentleman who works hard to earn money and the other person plays the role of the wife who is good at spending money to dress herself. During the game the gentleman needs to work hard to earn money while the wife works hard to make her husband spend money to buy the right clothes and accessories, thus forming a cooperative relationship between the couple and the competition with other couples in the game. At the end of the game, the team with the most elegantly dressed wife wins, in fact, the wife of the man with the most luxuriously dressed whole body wins.
The rules of the game and the game process are very simple and easy to understand, and there is no overly complicated game process required. And overall the game is very fun and enjoyable because the players playing as gentlemen can quickly grab the most profitable resource cards in the money making process like kids grabbing candy. The interaction between husbands and wives can simulate the same flirting as real couples, which is perfect for social bonding between boys and girls.
I think the most important point of this game involving leadership is to maintain the order of the game, as well as for the specific implementation of the rules of the game. The game requires a leader to maintain order in the marketplace among the gentlemen, to ensure that everyone gets a fair share of the income and to prevent anyone from secretly getting more game currency. At the same time, the leader needs to guide everyone to earn money in the earning stage, to buy goods for the wife in the buying stage, and to decide the winner and loser of the game in the final deciding stage. I believe this is a game that all young people will enjoy because it is so much fun. It’s also a very effective social icebreaker between men and women, and I really like it. But the biggest drawback is that the game is not suitable for repeated play. Once players lose their sense of freshness, it becomes relatively uninteresting, due to the lack of a certain amount of competition.