Week Blog Reflection: Pandemic

Pandemic is a cooperative tabletop game to complete tasks. Several players need to travel to various regions of the world to eliminate local viruses in their turn of the game. This process requires cooperation and division of labor, because once the virus is not effectively eliminated, all players will fail together.

The entire world map of the game is roughly divided into 4 regions, Europe, America, East Asia, and the Middle East. Different regions have different types of prevalent viruses, and the victory condition of the game is to eliminate the four types of prevalent viruses. This process is actually very difficult, because it requires close cooperation of teammates in the game. For example, it is necessary to build medical laboratories to connect the entire world, thus coming to facilitate the maximum distance that can be moved each turn. Each player needs to play the special skills of his character to help his teammates to eliminate the virus. However, the cooperation between teammates is difficult to do great. This becomes the most difficult part of the game.

In order to win this game, it is necessary to have a leading player to lead the whole field of thought. Because this is a game that requires teamwork, not having a main leader will result in players working very poorly together, which means it is impossible to finish the game. I personally do not like this game because there is no camp rivalry in this game, but all players cooperate to complete the task. I would prefer a game full of camp rivalries, where players are divided into at least two camps. Victory in such a situation would be more satisfying. Fortunately for me and my group, I had a group leader who was very experienced with this game. This made it possible for us to play the game without being particularly confused or uninterested.

But there were also group members who enjoyed this cooperative type of game because they didn’t like the fact that the game was played in a confrontational format. Maybe the girls liked this cooperative type of game more and the boys maybe liked the confrontation type of game more. So I think my mother my sister would probably like it.