Mysterium Reflection

Mysterium is a very interesting co-operative puzzle game. I think a player count of around 5 would be best. It could be mistaken for a horror game, but it is actually full of humour and hilarity. This is because there are ghosts in the game and the ghosts are played by the players. The player who plays the ghost does not communicate directly with the other players who are solving the puzzle, he can only give the other players cards with clues to help them. Or he can use all body language other than words to indicate this.

I don’t think Mysterium is too difficult to play, but it is a bit difficult to win the game. All players need to be able to complete the puzzle level with their own cards. Although other players can help one person solve the puzzle, the cards often show clues that are too abstract or illogical. This makes it possible for other players to disagree on the understanding of the cards as they help other players solve them. As there is a time limit on the game, incorrectly deciphering each card can also lead to a failure to win.

Mysterium is a game that I don’t think requires much leadership, as the leadership aspect is mainly in the ability of the players to lead each other in their understanding of the cards. But often the leader’s own judgement is very inaccurate, and blind leadership can lead the game to failure. The abstract and illogical cards require discussion and deliberation between each player to come to a clue conclusion. Finally I think Mysterium is suitable for all ages, from schoolchildren to middle-aged people of parental age, who will find it very interesting. This is because the clue cards amplify people’s minds and stimulate their imagination. I really like it too!