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Luck v Chance v Skill Reflection

Games come in all forms of shapes. Some have detailed art that looks beautiful to the eye. Other’s very minimal art and can be played in a short span of time. Some have large rules that take days to read and understand. Some have only one rule to learn how to play. However, a lot of games have the goal of trying to win. There is a vast amount of ways to win, but most ways to win are in one of three categories; luck, chance, or skill

Luck is a force that brings good or bad fortune for an individual. Luck cannot be controlled or trained. An individual has no say in what the output will be. You cannot roll a dice and expect it to always land on six. You cannot expect that your starting hand is going to be all jacks, queens, kings, and aces. You can’t control if a coin will land on heads or hands. In a game of luck, no choice you make has any say in the game. 

One luck based game is Lost Cities. To win this game you want to have the most points over three rounds. Each player is dealt eight cards from a shuffled deck. On your turn, you can either discard one card from your hand face up on its corresponding discard pile or place one of your cards face up in one of your columns. Each card played must have a higher value than the most recent card played. You can skip numbers, but are not allowed to place cards in between already played cards. After discarding or playing a card, you can either draw a new card from the draw deck or take a card from the top of a discard pile. The drawing of cards plays a significant role in how likely you are to win the game. If you continue to draw cards higher than the cards you already played you’ll have good luck at winning the game. If you keep drawing cards with lower values than cards you already played, you’ll have bad luck at winning the game. The winner of this game rests on the luck of the cards drawn. 

An advantage of playing a game based on luck is the ease of playing the game. There is no skill to learn and practice to play these types of games. The rules for luck based games tend to be simple and easy to understand, making it easier for inexperienced players to learn how to play the game. A disadvantage of luck based games is the lack of control in playing a game. This can lead it to it being unsatisfying in winning a game. In these types of games you win only because you got the correct cards or a great dice throw and your opponent didn’t. With the winner being chosen on luck, it can make some people feel that their win was undeserving.

Chance is a form of luck. Instead of being measured in goods or bads, chance is measured in probability. Chance is an opportunity or possibility for something to happen.  These games are strongly influenced by some randomizing device. These games cannot be strategically beaten. An individual’s decisions can have some effect on the outcome, but overall, the winners and losers will be chosen entirely from chance. For example, you have a 1 in 6 chance for a dice to land on six. You have a 1 in 2 chance of a coin landing on heads. 

One game that is based on chance is Can’t Stop. This game consists of four dice, a board, a set of eleven markers for each player, and three neutral-colored markers. On the board there are eleven columns, with each column corresponding to the numbers 2 through 12. Each column has a number of spaces that correspond to the probability of rolling that number on two dice. For example, 2 and 12 have three spaces as they are the hardest to roll. Meanwhile, 7 has 13 spaces as it is the easiest to roll. During a player’s turn, they roll four dice, then divide them into two pairs and then total each pair. For example if a player rolls a 1, 2, 3, and 6, the player could group the dice as 5 and 7, 8 and 4, or 9 and 3. The player would then use the neutral marker to place on the board of the column or columns they chose, advancing up one space. A player may only continue up the columns that have a neutral marker in them this turn. After moving the markers, the player may then continue to roll again or not. If the player chooses to stop, they put their colored marker in the location of the neutral marker. During a future turn, if the player chooses this same column, they will start building from where they previously placed their marker. If the player does not stop, they must be able to advance one of the neutral markers on their next roll. If they cannot go up any of the columns they have, they lose all the advancement made on this turn. When a player reaches the top space of a column, they can claim it as theirs and win that column. That column is no longer able to be played for the rest of the game. When a player claims three columns, they win the game. This game is centered around probability and chance. A player has no say in what the dice rolls are going to be. As you are more likely to roll a 7 then any other number, it causes its column to be the largest to complete. Several types of chance games involve pressing your luck, such as roulette and blackjack, and Can’t Stop does make you press your luck to complete the columns.

An advantage of playing a game based on chance is the use of probability. A player can be able to make decisions based on the probability of something happening, such as the probability of rolling a 7 on two dice. Games of chance are also relatively easy to understand and play. You could possibly learn the rules of the game in 10 minutes and then be ready to play the entire game. Games of chance are also a great game to play with inexperienced players. A new player would feel overwhelmed trying to learn all the rules of a skill based game, and would feel much more comfortable with a simpler chance based game. A disadvantage of a chance based game is that it can get boring after a while. When you figure out the best ways to increase your chance of winning, the game can feel a bit boring and lackluster and you may wish to do something else.

The final way to win a game is skill. Skill is the learned ability to perform an action with determined results with good execution often within a given amount of time, energy, or both. Skill games are usually far more complex and contain more rules than that of luck or chance based games. When playing a skill based game, a player needs to fully understand what it is they wish to do and how it will affect the future of the game. The use of strategy is a must when playing a skill based game.

One of the most well known skill based games is Chess. Chess has several rules for what can and can’t all the pieces can do. A great Chess player is able to see several moves ahead of his opponent. You need to practice on your skills in order to succeed in playing that game. Another skill based game is Diplomacy. In this game, you will play as one of the Great Powers in Europe in the years prior to World War One. In this game you have to hold, move, support, and convoy armies and fleets in order to become the Great Power and control Europe. To do this you have to be the first person to control 18 supply centers. This game uses no dice tolls or any elements of chance. Instead, players must instruct each other their units by writing a set of orders. The players have to negotiate, issue attacks and issue support orders in order to win. Players can form alliances, share intelligence or even spread disinformation to help them achieve their goal. A well timed betrayal can lead to the success or failure of a player.

An advantage of skill based games is the use of strategies. Each player can put their own spin on a game. You don’t have to do what the person next to you is doing. Each person is able to use their own experiences and skills to influence the outcome of the same. The player gets to be in control of what they want to do and how they are going to do it. A disadvantage or skill based games in the commitment. For some skill based games, it can take a lot of time and effort to be thought of as slightly good in the world of that game. A lot of skill based games can’t be completely learned in a day or two. It can put off many people who want to learn to play, but then end up feeling overwhelmed.

Escape Room Leadership Design

Before the pandemic, my friends and I would plan days where we would do an escape room at Breakout Dayton. We’ve done only a handful of them such as a museum heist, being spies in a casino, and being Santa’s elves in the North Pole. We always wanted to do an escape room about a mystery mansion as one of our go to board games is Betrayal at House on the Hill. We think it would be a great way to try and act out our favorite characters from the game. However, that dream has been put on hold until we are all fully vaccinated and believe it’s safe to hang out in large groups. Escape rooms offer a sense of mystery, adventure, and challenge. It mixes a theme with puzzles, big and small. They offer a test of your attention to the details and a great narrative to follow.  

We loved that our local escape room’s decor was always exciting and detailed. Each of the rooms had a great theme that was incorporated throughout the room. When we were supposed to be spies in a casino, the room felt like what you see in a movie about a casino. There were different types of casino games, a fake bar, and was designed with colors of red and black. In the museum heist, the room looked like a small museum, with a study connected to it. Some of the items on display in the museum were under plastic domes and cases, to make it seem like how an actual museum would display their pieces of art and history. The Santa’s elves room was decorated to be as festive as the North Pole in a Christmas movie. There was a large decorated Christmas tree, cookies and milk left out for Santa, a bunch of wrapped presents, and a toy train running along the room. Everything in these rooms is thought out and fits into the world where we were put in. Every object could be a clue or lead to a puzzle. The room sets the stage for how the entire escape room could pan out. 

During our time in the escape room, we tend to start out the room searching for clues by ourselves. We find it’s better to have a bunch of people looking for clues around the whole room, rather than everyone sticking close together at first. Once a person or two find some clues, we usually break into teams to have more people looking into trying to solve the puzzles. Usually, we have about six or seven people doing an escape room. About three or four will stick to a puzzle together while the others look for clues and locked compartments. It can get hectic and chaotic at times trying to solve the puzzles. Sometimes screaming does occur. Other times frustration kicks in. In the end, we all do end up having a blast and create a great experience for all of us. We are happy to say that we have completed every escape room we have done at our local escape room. Although, there are times where it was too close for comfort with seconds left until the time was up.

One important trait for a leader is the ability to communicate. When doing an escape room with others, you have to communicate with others. You can’t just stay in the corner working on a single puzzle without the input of the others. Not to mention, puzzles are a lot easier to solve when more than one person is working on it. One person may be stuck in a loop trying to decode something, but if another person can help and work with them, the puzzle could be solved more easily. Most escape rooms have a time limit to complete them, so everyone’s opinion and observations matter to be able to escape the room in time. Quick and focused communication will lead the team to success.

Being a leader and doing an escape room both involve decisiveness. Some escape rooms have an ability to give the players hints. When doing escape rooms, a lot of my friends don’t like asking for hints from the game makers. They would rather try and complete the room without any outside help. However, to be a good leader, you need to understand when your team is struggling and to know when you can’t do something alone. When you are stuck on something, it’s okay to ask for help from others. In my local escape room, all players have to agree to want a hint before the game master will give you one. Everyone has to verbally state that they would like a hint. This has some drawbacks for my friend group. A few of us are quite stubborn and want to try everything they can before resorting to help. This has made the group lose precious time as we don’t make any progress. This in turn can impact how far we get to completing the escape room. After about five minutes, stuck on the same clue, the rest of the group, including the stubborn one’s, usually asks if we can have a hint. We were lucky in asking for a hint when we did during our casino room, as we finished that room with about 30 seconds to spare. 

Trust is an important factor in both leadership and escape rooms. As a leader you need to have a foundation of trust with your team. You cannot look over everyone’s shoulder at all times to make sure that they are doing their job. A leader needs to inspire trust in others to motivate and inspire their team. A team built on trust is more likely to succeed on their goals than that of a group not built on trust. Trust is an integral part in succeeding in an escape room. You need to trust that your teammates are trying to uncover hints, clues, and puzzles to complete the room in time. If you second-guess their abilities and reasonings, you might not be able to complete the entire room.  

Escape rooms are a great team-building experience. I would recommend everyone to at least try one in their life. They offer challenges that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Each puzzle leads to the next, pulling you closer and closer to completing your mission. Don’t leave anything unturned or overlooked, except for the things the game maker tells you not to. Everywhere in the room could be a clue and help lead you to victory. But, an escape room can’t be completed alone. For your next game night with your friends, or after the pandemic, go to a local escape room and have a great adventure trying to escape the room.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 12: Free Play

This week we got to choose which game we wanted to play. I chose to play Lasers and Feelings with a few of my classmates. Lasers and Feelings is a quick-play roleplaying game. In the game, you play as a crewmate of the interstellar scout ship Raptor. I ended up playing as the Alien Scientist on the ship who has a love of collecting brains and all things a little gross. My character had a number of three, which means I am in the middle of being good with both feelings and laser taks. My character’s goal was to solve weird space mysteries. I would say the hardest part of the game was picking names for all of our characters. So many of us kept refreshing Fantasy Name Generator trying to find a good name. 

During the game, our crew received a distress signal. Knowing how distress signals play out, we all still decided to investigate the signal. When we got to the ship, we discovered that there were no life forms alive. We searched the ship and ended up finding the bodies of a few of the crew. My character may have stolen the brains of said crewmates in hopes of studying them and adding them to her collection. When searching the armory of the ship, we ended up getting locked in the room by the “captain” of the ship. The “captain” of the ship ended up being an android spy sent to destroy Earth. I ended up watching as two of my crewmates kill the android using laser guns and laser swords. Before leaving the ship, my character looted as much as they could for their next future experiment. Everyone on our crew was able to return safely and ready to continue on our next adventure.

I would recommend this game to anyone who loves role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. This game is almost like a simpler version of Dungeons and Dragons. It’s very fun, easy to learn, and can be played in a short amount of time. Like Dungeons and Dragons, every person needs to cooperate as a group to get the story going. Each of us had a part to play to make the game more interesting. An entire game can be played out in the span of an hour or two. This game was so fun to play and I had a great time watching and collaborating with my classmates as our characters.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 11: D&D Week 3

Due to not having class last week, we finished what we could this week in our session of Dungeons and Dragons. During this session, I tried to be more active in my game play. My character ended up being able to talk to the large wolves that guarded the cave and befriended them. The wolves kept talking about food, so we gave them our rations. The wolves were then named Snowcone, Ribeye, and Nugget. We all loved those wolves and were devastated when Snowcone was killed by the BugBear. That seemed to light a fury and rage in our barbarian, and he killed the BugBear a few rounds later. It was so fun to be able to bounce ideas off of one another during our session. Honestly, the hardest part of the game was trying to pick names for our wolf buddies! We spent a good amount of time trying to decide on the perfect names for them. 

During Dungeon and Dragons,  you need to have a good combination of assertiveness and compassion. You can’t run the entire story on your own, but you should give some of your own flair into the game. A good Dungeon Master will let each player have a moment to share an idea and add a contribution to the game. Both the players and the Dungeon Master need to be fair and treat everyone’s ideas with respect. Not one person can run a Dungeons and Dragons game by themselves. It takes a group effort to make the game a natural twenty success.

I would recommend Dungeons and Dragons to anyone who wants to play a great board game. Dungeons and Dragons is a game that anyone who can tell a story can play. Each time you play a session of Dungeons and Dragons creates a new story to be told. No two sessions of Dungeons and Dragons can be the same. Everyone has something that they could add into a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 9: D&D Week 1

In this week’s class, we started playing Dungeons and Dragons. I have a bit of background in this game, but not nearly as much as some of my other friends. Dungeon and Dragons is a storytelling game. In this game, the players and the Dungeon Master tell a story together. Players roll dice to determine whether their attacks hit or miss and if they succeed or fail in what they wish to do.  I had never used the software Roll player before. Usually, when I am playing Dungeon and Dragons with my friends, we tend to not use a map. 

During our session, I played as a pink tiefling druid. Now don’t tell me tieflings have to be the same colors as humans. If I want to be a bright pink tiefling, I am going to be a bright pink tiefling. We were ambushed by goblins, but were able to capture one of them. My character fed the goblin berries while another player wanted to kill him. My character, Iniki, wouldn’t let our barbarian kill her new friend, and the party ended up putting the goblin on a baby leash. The session ended with us having our goblin ‘friend’ start leading us to a cave. 

I really had a blast trying to bounce ideas off of my classmates. I ended up making my character slowly seem more and more crazy as the session progressed. For example, when a horse was killed, my character would pet the horse to make it have “nice dreams.” Another time I made it so that the goblin we kidnapped knew it was my “friend” and that “friends never leave one another.”  I think the most difficult part of this game was setting up the Roll Player software. At times it was slightly confusing to use, but after a while we finally got it working for everyone.

Dungeons and Dragons relate to leadership in how we work together in a group. One person may try and control the narrative at times, but when the timing is right you can completely change where the story is going. You need to be able to listen to what others are talking about and then make a decision based on it. Sometimes it’s better to be the quiet character who then springs up a crazy idea. Other times you want to make sure that the story leads to a specific area and have to make a way for the session to run in that direction.

I am not sure who I would recommend to play Dungeon and Dragons, at least from the people that I know of. I would say my friends, but all of my close friends already play Dungeons and Dragons. After a year of not seeing each other in person, we are planning to start a new campaign once the school semester is over. Honestly, I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to tell and be part of a fun story.

Quiz Creation: Which Tea Dragon are you in The Tea Dragon Society

Here is a link to the quiz:

When creating this quiz, I tried my best to incorporate parts of the comic and card game of The Tea Dragon Society. In the base game, there are four different dragons; Jasmine, Rooibos, Chamomile, and Ginseng. Each dragon has a different personality and skill. Jasmine dragons have a great deal of elegance and poise. Their special skill in the card game involves the grooming card. Rooibos dragons are the most active dragons and are always looking for an adventure. Their special skill in the card game involves the entertaining card. Chamomile dragons are the most relaxed and easygoing of all the dragons. They love to sleep, hence why their special skill in the card game involves the sleeping card. Ginseng dragons form strong bonds with their loved ones. To show their appreciation towards them, they give small items and food to their friends. The special skill card for the Ginseng dragon involves the feeding card. 

Another way I incorporated the card game into the quiz was the last few questions of the quiz that regarded the seasons. The card game is all about trying to make memories and bonds with your Tea Dragon. I tried to make it so that each season had one memory/experience that related to each dragon. For example, during the spring season question I made the energetic Rooibos dragon have the memory of hunting bugs and looking at butterflies. Meanwhile, the sleepy Chamomile dragon has the memory of watching the rain and falling asleep to it.

I asked ten people to take my quiz. Of the results, six people were Rooibos, one was Jasmine, one was Chamomile, and two were Ginseng. When I first asked people to take this quiz I was shocked. Everyone kept getting Rooibos as the dragon that they related to. My friends Gavin, Samatha, Anna, Kyle, and Laura all were the first people who took the quiz and all of them got Rooibos. The last person who took my quiz, my friend Nick, also got Rooibos as his result. Each one of those people also agreed with the result that they got. When asked why they agreed with their result, each person talked about the last sentence of the result, “You have a great enthusiasm for life and want to experience all that life can give you.” They all spoke on how they enjoy being able to go do stuff with family and friends. After a little bit of thinking, I think I found another reason why everyone kept getting Rooibos. Rooibos’ are little dragons that are slightly different from the others. Rooibos’ are the only type of dragon that play in activities. The other type of dragons don’t seem to care for activities. Rooibos’ have an enthusiasm in playing with others and doing different types of activities. All of my friends have been social distancing and following guidelines for the past year. They are tired of being stuck in one or two buildings. Several of them haven’t taken an in person class in over a year. One of them took a gap year due to the virus. Several haven’t gone into a store in over a year. One hasn’t eaten anything that wasn’t a home cooked meal for the past six months. They’re all tired of having to follow the guidelines, while many many more people have refused to do anything at all. Sometimes a Rooibos Tea Dragon can’t do an adventure due to their lack of energy. This in turn makes the dragon have to take a nap and eat some berries. All of my friends want to go on their own little adventures, but lack the safety to do so, as opposed to energy. They have had their fill of naps and berries and wish to go on an adventure. In due time, when the pandemic has slowed down, each one of my friends can be able to do their adventures to the grocery store and other possible mundane things they took for granted before the pandemic. 

My mom was the one who got the result of the Chamomile Tea Dragon. She also agreed with her result. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my mom’s favorite tea is chamomile. My mom is the type of person who is very easy going. She takes life slowly and happily. Not to mention loves to take naps, much like the Chamomile Tea Dragon. One of her favorite things to do is take a nap cuddling up with one or two of our dogs. Whether it’s on the couch or on a bed, she will be fast asleep cuddling one of the dogs.

My friends Sarah and Matt both got the result of the Ginseng Dragon. Both of them also agreed with their result. Sarah believes the result to be correct due to her nature to give her friends gifts whenever she is thinking about them. She tends to give gifts to several of her friends as a surprise and “just-because.” I remember one time she got her and me matching nail files because she just wanted to be nice and give us both something special during the middle of the pandemic. My friend Matt agreed that his result was correct due to him also giving small gifts to others. His gifts tend to be more in the food category. If you go to Starbucks or any sort of coffee shop with him, he will offer to pay for your drink. Even if you decline, he will be sure to ask you the next time you both head out to get a drink coffee or tea somewhere. He enjoys seeing his friends happy while enjoying a nice drink. 

My friend Ben got the Jasmine Tea Dragon. He also agreed with his result. Jasmine dragons are the smartest breed of Tea Dragon. As Ben’s major is Electrical Engineering, it makes sense that he got the result of the smartest dragon. Ben also tries to stick to a routine every day, as he has specific times for when his classes are, when he is studying for his classes, and when he has to go to work. 

When doing this quiz, I found that everyone did agree about their result in one form or another. I have a feeling that if my friends had received a different result, they still would have agreed to the result. Each result is kinda vague enough that each person might relate to it in some way. Tea Dragons are simple creatures. Each one wants to make memories with the people they love. Chamomile loves to take naps with others, Rooibos loves doing activities together, Ginseng loves to give gifts, and Jasmine loves to be involved in day to day life, all of them show love to others in a way most people can relate to.

Fiasco Playset: The College Experience


The college experience. Every college freshman looks forward to the day that they can begin their own life. Free from their parents, their boring hometown, and all the past. It’s time to begin anew and make up your own rules to live by. With no one telling you what to do, you can be free to do anything you want to.  However, there will be bumps in the road. College isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Will you walk out with that bachelor’s degree? Can you survive communal bathrooms? You might end up having a fiasco or two during your four years at Golden Valley University.



⚀ Sickly cute lovebirds

⚁ Unknowingly crushing on each other

⚂ Recently turned ex’s but no one else knows

⚃ One-night stands

⚄ Dumper and Dumped

⚅ Cheating their other significant others with each other


⚀ Childhood friends

⚁ Dormmates since freshman year

⚂ Only talks in academic settings, otherwise “ I don’t know this guy”

⚃ Due to hating the same person

⚄ Relatives

⚅ Senior mentor and freshman


⚀ Group project partners

⚁ Professor and Student

⚂ Professors of the same subject

⚃ Aged Researcher and newbie researcher

⚄ Academic Rivals

⚅ Student Council President and Student Council Vice-President


⚀ Ex roommates

⚁ RA and RD

⚂ No clue who the other is but now we live together

⚃ Early riser and night owl

⚄ Lives down the hall from each other

⚅ Trying to get in the same dorm


⚀ Video game club members

⚁ Writer and photographer for the school newspaper

⚂ Greek Life Members

⚄ Star Basketball player and head cheerleader

⚅ Band Geeks


⚀ Drug dealer and drug addict

⚁ Borderline alcoholics

⚂ Frat hazier and hazed

⚃ Stalker and Stalked

⚄ Faculty and student dating

⚅ Abusive dating partners



⚀ …and finally lose my virginity.

⚁ …by as many people as possible.

⚂ …to feel like I am alive again.

⚃ …due to this bet.

⚄ …by that specific person.

⚅ …before time is up.


⚀ …against my ex.

⚂ …more wasted today.

⚃ …against the dean.

⚄ …with the frats/sororities.

⚅ …with myself.


⚀ …off all these drugs.

⚁ … by selling the answers to the final exams.

⚂ … by taking someone down.

⚃…the old-fashioned way.

⚄ …through a risky investment.

⚅ …stealing it.


⚀ …myself to them.

⚁ …that college is pointless.

⚂ …I am right.

⚃ …that Dr. Peabody is a dirty liar.

⚄ …that I was not that wasted.

⚅ …that I am willing to risk it all.


⚀ …my true love.

⚁ …my scholarship.

⚂ …my fake ID.

⚃ …my spot on the team.

⚄ …our first-place trophy.

⚅ …my reputation on campus.


⚀ …about that one frog in the biology lab.

⚁ …about how I got accepted into this college.

⚂ …about this love note.

⚃ …about why I was ghosted.

⚄ …about the mysterious room in the student center.

⚅ …about what I exactly did when wasted last weekend.



⚀ The bubbly cafe

⚁ A study room

⚂ The theater

⚃ The bowling alley

⚄ The swimming pool

⚅ The greenhouse on the roof


⚀ The President’s Office

⚁ The Academic Advisor’s Office

⚂ The Official Records Office, still using paper recordings

⚃ The Security Office that sees everything almost happening on campus

⚄ The campus HR Department

⚅ Alumni Relations Department


⚀ Skipper’s Pizza

⚁ Bell’s Gas Station

⚂ Chai’s Tea and Coffee, the only decent coffee in the area

⚃ Comfort Plus, the area’s marketplace

⚄ Brew-ha-ha Bar

⚅ Off Campus Apartment


⚀ Dr. Hugh’s Chemistry Lab

⚁ The ultra-drab math department

⚂ The overly saturated Art Wing

⚃ The computer lab

⚄ The “why was it designed this way” Architect building

⚅The comforting Psychology building


⚀ Phi Theta Fraternity House

⚁ The dorm at the edge of campus

⚂ Co-ed Dorm

⚃ Freshman Dorm

⚄ The Honor’s Dorm

⚅ Women’s only Dorm


⚀ The Dean’s house

⚁ The campus’s untamed woods

⚂ The top of the bell tower

⚃ The mysterious basement of the Student Center

⚄ The sidewalk

⚅ An unused dorm room that’s always open



⚀ The answer key to a final exam

⚁ An overpriced textbook

⚂ A previous student’s notebook

⚃ The password to the computer lab’s secret files

⚄ Stolen dorm keycard

⚅ Fred, the biology frog


⚀ Is this weed or catnip?

⚁ Stolen antidepressants

⚂ A mysterious mix of several unknown alcohols

⚃ “Study drugs”

⚄ Mushrooms grown in the campus woods

⚅ A Ziplock bag full of cocaine


⚀ An unaddressed love letter

⚁ A heart-shaped locket

⚂ A gift from your first roommate

⚃ A well wore baseball cap

⚄ A locked small wooden box

⚅ A Tattoo


⚀ A sewing kit

⚁ Brightly colored makeup

⚂ A recording of the newest podcast

⚃ Baking supplies

⚄ Paints and canvases

⚅ A black belt in judo


⚀ Kegs as far as the eye can see

⚁ A condom that been in a wallet for months

⚂ Over the top stereos

⚃ An STD

⚄ A Red solo cup

⚅ A fake ID


⚀ An error in the Student Records

⚁ Misuse of college funds

⚂ Failing grade in a mandatory class

⚃ A stolen chemical from the chemistry lab

⚄ Illegal Fireworks

⚅ A hand gun

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 8: Ladies & Gentlemen

For this week we played, Ladies and Gentlemen. This was the largest group we have played this class, with 8 people being in the breakout room. Of the eight of us, four were ladies and 4 were gentlemen. Each team consists of a lady and a gentleman. The goal of ladies and gentlemen is for each lady to be the best dressed at the ball. However, to do this the ladies must ask the gentleman to pay for their garments. The ladies do not get to know how much money the gentlemen have and the gentlemen do not get to know their ladies goals for the ball.

I have played this game in an in person setting and it was much easier than online. I really enjoy playing this game in person, but playing online with seven other people who have never played before was challenging. You could not continue the game until all parties have completed their tasks. This was incredibly hard to do when people’s internet would disconnect and we would have to wait for them to get reconnected into the room. During class we were barely able to complete one round of the game, when I know that if this game was done in person we would have been able to get a lot more done.

The game Ladies and Gentlemen pertain to leadership in its use of teams. When working in teams, you have to understand that you might not know exactly what your teammate is doing, but need to trust that what they are doing is working towards your common goal. Each of us were making decisions to make our team have the best possible outcome. You have to trust in your teammates to be a good leader. 

A few years ago I bought this game for my best friend’s birthday. The video that made us want to play it was actually the same video the class used to learn how to play the game. I know that all of my immediate friend group loves playing this game. This game is a very silly and light hearted game. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves to role play characters and don’t take games too seriously.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Incan Gold and Can’t Stop

This week we played two games, Incan Gold and Can’t Stop. My group used Board Game Arena to play the games. This software was the easiest by far in this class to play the games. When we were on our third or fourth game of Incan Gold, some of the other groups were just finishing setting up the games. Both of these games involve taking risks. We first started the session by playing Incan Gold and then switched to Can’t Stop. My group seemed to have the most fun playing Can’t Stop. Our final round of Can’t Stop was amazing! One of our players was able to win the game in one round without anyone else playing a single coin. We were all rooting for him to complete that and win the game. He used a very risky choice when he chose the 9 column for one of his choices. In the end it played out, and I was so happy for him. 

I honestly can think of anything that was hard for the games. The games were very easy to understand and play. Board game Arena was by far easier to use then TableTop Simulator. There were times where group members had to wait a bit to get into the game due to Board Game Arena giving everyone a bunch of achievements for playing games, but we were still able to play a bunch more rounds than other groups. 

Both Incan Gold and Can’t Stop are risk taking games. In leadership, you have to take risks at times. However, you also have to realize that your idea of risks may not be what your group wants or needs. You have to be understanding of your risk and make sure the benefits of said risk overcome what the disadvantages could be. If you take too many risky decisions with no benefits, you have failed yourself as a leader. Being a leader requires you to be able to make hard decisions that may require some form of risk. 

When learning how to play the games for this week, I played them with my boyfriend. He loved playing Can’t Stop. We would play so many rounds because he loved it so much. He is a lot more of a risk taker than me and always went for the 2s and 12s. I would recommend both Ican Gold and Can’t Stop to all of my friends.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 3

This week was the final week we played Fiasco. During this session we were able to set up the tilt and complete the story. I was surprised to find my character coming out the best. Everyone else went to jail or worse due to my characters actions. My character was able to get away with murder but that doesn’t mean she didn’t feel guity about it. The murder was pinned onto two other characters in the session, causing them to pay my characters price for her crime. My character ended up regretting everything that she did to the others, and even did try to turn herself in. However, due to the police in our session being corrupt, they didn’t believe her and chose to continue on with what they believed as correct.

I think the hardest part of this week was setting up the tilt. At first, my group didn’t know where to go with the tilt. We also had to refresh the rules on how the tilt was played out, due to how long it had been since we all watched the how-to videos. There was a lot of time we spent on trying to decide where we wanted the story to proceed. 

The game Fiasco is a cooperation game, but you are also trying to compete with the others. We all are writing a story and acting out what our characters would do. We all need to be able to give and take to move the story and the game along. Everyone has a role to be played. It takes leadership to direct the story. You have to either direct the story in the direction you want it to be, or follow someone else’s ideas in the story. Everyone has a give and take in this game. However, everyone is still trying to make it so that their character’s goals are achieved. In our session, everyone could state that they lost the game, but how much everyone lost was different. 

I still believe that my friends who are into Dungeons and Dragons would enjoy playing Fiasco. They all enjoy making characters and acting as their characters. They also all have chaotic tendencies. Maybe the next time we all start planning a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign, I could instead suggest we all play Fiasco.