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Quiz Creation: Which Tea Dragon are you in The Tea Dragon Society

Here is a link to the quiz: 


When creating this quiz, I tried my best to incorporate parts of the comic and card game of The Tea Dragon Society. In the base game, there are four different dragons; Jasmine, Rooibos, Chamomile, and Ginseng. Each dragon has a different personality and skill. Jasmine dragons have a great deal of elegance and poise. Their special skill in the card game involves the grooming card. Rooibos dragons are the most active dragons and are always looking for an adventure. Their special skill in the card game involves the entertaining card. Chamomile dragons are the most relaxed and easygoing of all the dragons. They love to sleep, hence why their special skill in the card game involves the sleeping card. Ginseng dragons form strong bonds with their loved ones. To show their appreciation towards them, they give small items and food to their friends. The special skill card for the Ginseng dragon involves the feeding card. 

Another way I incorporated the card game into the quiz was the last few questions of the quiz that regarded the seasons. The card game is all about trying to make memories and bonds with your Tea Dragon. I tried to make it so that each season had one memory/experience that related to each dragon. For example, during the spring season question I made the energetic Rooibos dragon have the memory of hunting bugs and looking at butterflies. Meanwhile, the sleepy Chamomile dragon has the memory of watching the rain and falling asleep to it.

I asked ten people to take my quiz. Of the results, six people were Rooibos, one was Jasmine, one was Chamomile, and two were Ginseng. When I first asked people to take this quiz I was shocked. Everyone kept getting Rooibos as the dragon that they related to. My friends Gavin, Samatha, Anna, Kyle, and Laura all were the first people who took the quiz and all of them got Rooibos. The last person who took my quiz, my friend Nick, also got Rooibos as his result. Each one of those people also agreed with the result that they got. When asked why they agreed with their result, each person talked about the last sentence of the result, “You have a great enthusiasm for life and want to experience all that life can give you.” They all spoke on how they enjoy being able to go do stuff with family and friends. After a little bit of thinking, I think I found another reason why everyone kept getting Rooibos. Rooibos’ are little dragons that are slightly different from the others. Rooibos’ are the only type of dragon that play in activities. The other type of dragons don’t seem to care for activities. Rooibos’ have an enthusiasm in playing with others and doing different types of activities. All of my friends have been social distancing and following guidelines for the past year. They are tired of being stuck in one or two buildings. Several of them haven’t taken an in person class in over a year. One of them took a gap year due to the virus. Several haven’t gone into a store in over a year. One hasn’t eaten anything that wasn’t a home cooked meal for the past six months. They’re all tired of having to follow the guidelines, while many many more people have refused to do anything at all. Sometimes a Rooibos Tea Dragon can’t do an adventure due to their lack of energy. This in turn makes the dragon have to take a nap and eat some berries. All of my friends want to go on their own little adventures, but lack the safety to do so, as opposed to energy. They have had their fill of naps and berries and wish to go on an adventure. In due time, when the pandemic has slowed down, each one of my friends can be able to do their adventures to the grocery store and other possible mundane things they took for granted before the pandemic. 

My mom was the one who got the result of the Chamomile Tea Dragon. She also agreed with her result. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my mom’s favorite tea is chamomile. My mom is the type of person who is very easy going. She takes life slowly and happily. Not to mention loves to take naps, much like the Chamomile Tea Dragon. One of her favorite things to do is take a nap cuddling up with one or two of our dogs. Whether it’s on the couch or on a bed, she will be fast asleep cuddling one of the dogs.

My friends Sarah and Matt both got the result of the Ginseng Dragon. Both of them also agreed with their result. Sarah believes the result to be correct due to her nature to give her friends gifts whenever she is thinking about them. She tends to give gifts to several of her friends as a surprise and “just-because.” I remember one time she got her and me matching nail files because she just wanted to be nice and give us both something special during the middle of the pandemic. My friend Matt agreed that his result was correct due to him also giving small gifts to others. His gifts tend to be more in the food category. If you go to Starbucks or any sort of coffee shop with him, he will offer to pay for your drink. Even if you decline, he will be sure to ask you the next time you both head out to get a drink coffee or tea somewhere. He enjoys seeing his friends happy while enjoying a nice drink. 

My friend Ben got the Jasmine Tea Dragon. He also agreed with his result. Jasmine dragons are the smartest breed of Tea Dragon. As Ben’s major is Electrical Engineering, it makes sense that he got the result of the smartest dragon. Ben also tries to stick to a routine every day, as he has specific times for when his classes are, when he is studying for his classes, and when he has to go to work. 

When doing this quiz, I found that everyone did agree about their result in one form or another. I have a feeling that if my friends had received a different result, they still would have agreed to the result. Each result is kinda vague enough that each person might relate to it in some way. Tea Dragons are simple creatures. Each one wants to make memories with the people they love. Chamomile loves to take naps with others, Rooibos loves doing activities together, Ginseng loves to give gifts, and Jasmine loves to be involved in day to day life, all of them show love to others in a way most people can relate to.