Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 11: D&D Week 3

Due to not having class last week, we finished what we could this week in our session of Dungeons and Dragons. During this session, I tried to be more active in my game play. My character ended up being able to talk to the large wolves that guarded the cave and befriended them. The wolves kept talking about food, so we gave them our rations. The wolves were then named Snowcone, Ribeye, and Nugget. We all loved those wolves and were devastated when Snowcone was killed by the BugBear. That seemed to light a fury and rage in our barbarian, and he killed the BugBear a few rounds later. It was so fun to be able to bounce ideas off of one another during our session. Honestly, the hardest part of the game was trying to pick names for our wolf buddies! We spent a good amount of time trying to decide on the perfect names for them. 

During Dungeon and Dragons,  you need to have a good combination of assertiveness and compassion. You can’t run the entire story on your own, but you should give some of your own flair into the game. A good Dungeon Master will let each player have a moment to share an idea and add a contribution to the game. Both the players and the Dungeon Master need to be fair and treat everyone’s ideas with respect. Not one person can run a Dungeons and Dragons game by themselves. It takes a group effort to make the game a natural twenty success.

I would recommend Dungeons and Dragons to anyone who wants to play a great board game. Dungeons and Dragons is a game that anyone who can tell a story can play. Each time you play a session of Dungeons and Dragons creates a new story to be told. No two sessions of Dungeons and Dragons can be the same. Everyone has something that they could add into a game of Dungeons and Dragons.