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Two Rooms and a Boom

This week’s games have me very interested. In the game, players are divided into two camps: the blue team and the red team. At the beginning of the game, players will get random character cards, randomly assigned to two different rooms, and then start the game. During the game, players have to talk, reason, and send the hostages to the opponent’s room, so as to achieve the victory goal of the camp. During the game, the characters are basically hidden information, but through the sharing and revealing of cards, players can start looking for partners of the same faction, and they may also know who the enemy is. who is it! During the game, a team leader will be selected from two rooms, and the team leader will select hostages to the other room in each round. Therefore, the team leader must have good judgment and communication skills, as well as field control skills.

I got the non-talking character card two rounds in a row, so the first round was really frustrating for me, and I didn’t know how to share ideas and information in an effective way. But I found that this helps me to better observe everyone’s information and the team leader’s judgment. At the same time I found the role of the leader to be very important. Because the team leader will largely determine whether the game can be won or not when exchanging hostages. If other players are not satisfied with the leader, they can try to replace the leader.

For leadership, this game is about communication skills and how to hide identities. The strong leadership of enterprise managers is manifested in many aspects, and strong communication skills are an important manifestation of leadership. Good managers usually have strong communication skills and a wealth of communication skills. Communication skills not only play a decisive role in foreign business negotiations, but also play an important role in the internal management of enterprises. If business managers want to improve their leadership, they must improve their communication skills. Managers and team members should communicate with each other on the basis of mutual respect, enrich communication skills, improve communication skills, and leadership will improve.

Attend & Reflect on a Campus Gaming Event

RECON Reflection

            This past weekend, March 4th through 6th, we (Junyan Li, Ian Larson, Yuxuan Wang) attended RECON, the League of Geek’s annual convention at Armstrong Student Center. The League of Geeks is an organization consisting of 19 individual clubs who mutually promote, collaborate, and support each other. Once a year, all of the clubs in the organization come together to organize a convention called RECON to celebrate all things geeky, setting up booths, consoles, and tables for attendees to stop by anytime and try out an activity while also hosting smaller events such as sessions of roleplaying or board games, arts and crafts, and trivia against various expert ‘geeks’.

            The organization of the event and how attendees were incentivized to try out multiple activities at the event was well thought out. For instance, playing a board game provided by Strategy Gaming Club earned an attendee a token they could use to enter into numerous prize drawings, however, you only got a token the first time you played board games. In addition, there were various trivia competitions- “Beat the Geek” -held by different clubs, such as Harry Potter trivia with the Department of Magical Appreciation or Dungeons & Dragons trivia with the Role-Playing Guild, that you earn at minimum one token for attending and up to three tokens for beating the ‘geek’. These were very clever ways to get attendees to explore the different clubs at the convention. By attending different events with different clubs, an attendee gets more tokens and has a better chance at winning a prize. Thus, this system demonstrates how the League of Geeks works collaboratively together as RECON provides an opportunity for all 19 clubs to advertise themselves to attendees and recruit new members.

Besides exposure to different clubs, RECON provides an opportunity for attendees to meet other people who you may not otherwise have met. Attending a majority of the games of Werewolf Legacy, many of the other returning players became very familiar. Though I (Ian) was already friends with some of them, there were some faces I met for the first time that weekend and I had fun with regardless of just meeting them. We developed inside jokes and even went off and played board games together once Werewolf ended. That really emphasizes the importance of getting outside your comfort zone and meeting new people. Finding just one common interest can be enough to spark a friendship. Applying that thought to leadership, putting yourself out there in the world and trying new things is a wonderful way to meet new allies and potential teammates.

By participating in RECON, I discovered that this is a game arena, and the team’s goal is to win the game. At the same time, for our leadership, we are best at using the rules of the game to attract team members and stimulate the enthusiasm of the team. Just like the board game Aquatica we played, everyone on our team was looking forward to the strategic deployment of each round. Especially for members who want to get more points, it has great temptation. Team management even more so. Only when the team members are self-driven, love their work as much as they love playing games, and turn their work into something they want to do, can they burst out with the greatest enthusiasm.

Our goals should be clear and reasonable, and we should set difficult goals for the team, and many people will only give up halfway. Therefore, it is necessary to disassemble the goals into small goals, put them into the rules of the game, and let the members challenge them in a relaxed and pleasant way. On the way to achieve the goal, it is necessary to provide rule guidance, process control, timely feedback, and appropriate authorization for team members. Lead the team like playing a game and give full play to the team’s greatest enthusiasm; work like playing a game, indulge in it, enjoy the process, and get the maximum benefit. At the same time, for the enterprise, the responsibility of the enterprise is to formulate clear rules of the game. Everyone works in accordance with the rules and strives to achieve their goals. This way, some employees can be prevented from having negative psychology, and work efficiency will be greatly improved. The rules of the game should be attractive, and the company’s performance appraisal and system should not be confused with the game. Only interesting and sufficient material and spiritual rewards can stimulate the maximum combat effectiveness of employees.

            RECON was my first time participating in a game event organized by our school. It was a very exciting experience. Under the leadership and introduction of Ian Larson, I learned that this activity covers the very rich game, such as somatosensory games, competitive games, and board games. This event about gaming was bigger than I could have imagined. First, we entered a very large room, which was divided into different areas. What catches the eye is Beat Saber and a Street Fighter-like game. It made me feel like I was in a Video Arcade. The planning inside is very clear, there are playing areas, queuing areas, and viewing areas. While I was still in shock at the scene, Ian said there was also a room for board games. When we went to another room, I found that there were many people in different groups playing different board games. And on the side of the room were piled up a large number of board games that were put together on several tables. Seeing so many games and so many students taking part in this activity, I began to understand why this activity can occupy an entire weekend, even 24 hours a day.

            I feel that this activity is a great help for the students’ entertainment and relaxation time. First of all, I think it’s a healthy entertainment, social activity for college students, compared to partying and drinking. Secondly, many games in this activity can cultivate students’ logical thinking, strategy, and leadership ability. For instance, we chose Aquatica for the board game, because it’s a brand-new game for all of us, and the graphics inside look interesting, with some kind of scary magical sea creatures. Understanding the rules of the game took a lot of time and effort, especially for Ian. He read all the rules and helped me, and Chris understand them along the way. This is a very complex and systematic game. Each player in this game acts as the king of a sea, and the one who fully explores the new locations wins. This game can be played for a very long time, this game is very mind-blowing if you really want to win. Just like in chess, you need to think carefully to determine the most effective move in each round. Unfortunately, I just found out that this event exists, because I really hope to have the opportunity to invite more friends to participate in this event, I am sure that no one will not love this event.

Mental Blocks

My game of choice this week is Mental Blocks. This is a building block game that requires teamwork to complete. There are six people on our team and the goal is to complete the required image structure within the stipulated time. I think it’s very interesting that each member of the team can only get an image of one side of the structure, and needs to satisfy everyone’s image cards in one image structure at the same time. In the first two rounds of the game, we finally finished the image structure, but it timed out. However, in the third round of the game, we seemed to find the key to the game, and we were all surprised that the graphics structure was completed within 3 minutes. In subsequent games, the structure of our chosen challenges changed from easy to difficult, which also inspired the enthusiasm of the team.

During the game, our team shared and communicated in a very relaxed atmosphere. Each member actively engages in discussions, sharing their own knowledge and thoughts on the target image structure. Identify and solve problems during operation, thereby promoting the team’s ability to identify problems and enhancing cooperation among team members. Each member has different experience and experience in participating in the game during the game, and the ability to solve practical problems is also different. The sharing of game views can become a process of exchanging experience, learning from each other, and sharing happiness between teams.

For leadership, teamwork helps improve the overall effectiveness of the team. By promoting the spirit of teamwork and strengthening the construction of teamwork can improve efficiency. Second, teamwork helps to achieve goals. The realization of team goals requires the efforts of every member. A team with teamwork spirit respects the individuality of members, attaches great importance to the different ideas of members, stimulates the potential of team members, and truly enables every member to participate in team work and share risks. Share benefits, cooperate with each other, and complete team work goals.


In last week’s Mysterium game, we were divided into 3 groups. Because many of our classmates were playing this game for the first time, we chose an experienced classmate to play the ghost. He knew that each player was looking for What is the suspect, location and murder weapon, and through the cards he draws, find out what he thinks is related to these truth elements and send them to the corresponding players. Players, on the other hand, search for the connection with the truth based on the cards obtained and the clues known at the beginning of the game, and infer what they are looking for through their respective card associations. In this process, players can discuss and complement their brains. Each player must find the suspect before continuing to find the location, and find the location before starting to find the murder weapon.
I think the difficulty of the game is that only after all players have found the murder weapon, the game will enter the final phase of finding the real murderer! That’s right, it’s useless for only one person to complete it quickly, everyone must complete it to start looking for the real culprit. Our cooperation in completing missions is what makes the game complete. So teamwork became the foundation of this game project, and I really like this type of game that encourages the spirit of collaboration. This kind of atmosphere can create an environment that is conducive to success.
For leadership, this game effectively embodies that teamwork is a spirit of resource sharing and collaboration in order to achieve a set goal. It can mobilize all the resources and talents of team members and automatically eliminate all inconsistencies. Harmony and injustice, while rewarding outstanding performers in a timely manner, makes teamwork a powerful and lasting force.

Ultimate Werewolf

Through the first week of the Werewolf game, I found a lot of interesting aspects. First of all, everyone’s style is different. Some people like to protect good people as their identity when speaking with their werewolf identity. And the good people who stand on the wrong side will be referred to as werewolves by others, which will enhance the conflict between good people, so that the werewolf cards can have a rhythm. At this time, you can judge according to the situation on the field. When each person speaks independently, he needs to take his perspective. If he is a good person, what position should he choose to come out? Think about whether the werewolf uses him as a stand-in. Some people speak like a wolf, but he is not a wolf, so the werewolf will not miss the opportunity to resist him. This is the helplessness of a good person. You go save him and you’re out too.
In general, I have very little contact with this type of game. At first, I felt that everyone’s speech was sincere, but the most sincere is always the next one. My position was constantly updated, and I couldn’t see the situation clearly. Later, I gradually learned to question others, such as: whether the speaker’s words and deeds are consistent, and whether the position and vision are consistent with their identity. Whether you deliberately avoid someone when analyzing a situation.
At the same time, this game is a good improvement for leadership. You must rely on your own logical reasoning ability to influence each other. This process requires you to have good expression skills, logical analysis skills, and exercise people. So I also want to exercise my expressive ability and thinking through this game.