Mental Blocks

My game of choice this week is Mental Blocks. This is a building block game that requires teamwork to complete. There are six people on our team and the goal is to complete the required image structure within the stipulated time. I think it’s very interesting that each member of the team can only get an image of one side of the structure, and needs to satisfy everyone’s image cards in one image structure at the same time. In the first two rounds of the game, we finally finished the image structure, but it timed out. However, in the third round of the game, we seemed to find the key to the game, and we were all surprised that the graphics structure was completed within 3 minutes. In subsequent games, the structure of our chosen challenges changed from easy to difficult, which also inspired the enthusiasm of the team.

During the game, our team shared and communicated in a very relaxed atmosphere. Each member actively engages in discussions, sharing their own knowledge and thoughts on the target image structure. Identify and solve problems during operation, thereby promoting the team’s ability to identify problems and enhancing cooperation among team members. Each member has different experience and experience in participating in the game during the game, and the ability to solve practical problems is also different. The sharing of game views can become a process of exchanging experience, learning from each other, and sharing happiness between teams.

For leadership, teamwork helps improve the overall effectiveness of the team. By promoting the spirit of teamwork and strengthening the construction of teamwork can improve efficiency. Second, teamwork helps to achieve goals. The realization of team goals requires the efforts of every member. A team with teamwork spirit respects the individuality of members, attaches great importance to the different ideas of members, stimulates the potential of team members, and truly enables every member to participate in team work and share risks. Share benefits, cooperate with each other, and complete team work goals.