Two Rooms and a Boom

This week’s games have me very interested. In the game, players are divided into two camps: the blue team and the red team. At the beginning of the game, players will get random character cards, randomly assigned to two different rooms, and then start the game. During the game, players have to talk, reason, and send the hostages to the opponent’s room, so as to achieve the victory goal of the camp. During the game, the characters are basically hidden information, but through the sharing and revealing of cards, players can start looking for partners of the same faction, and they may also know who the enemy is. who is it! During the game, a team leader will be selected from two rooms, and the team leader will select hostages to the other room in each round. Therefore, the team leader must have good judgment and communication skills, as well as field control skills.

I got the non-talking character card two rounds in a row, so the first round was really frustrating for me, and I didn’t know how to share ideas and information in an effective way. But I found that this helps me to better observe everyone’s information and the team leader’s judgment. At the same time I found the role of the leader to be very important. Because the team leader will largely determine whether the game can be won or not when exchanging hostages. If other players are not satisfied with the leader, they can try to replace the leader.

For leadership, this game is about communication skills and how to hide identities. The strong leadership of enterprise managers is manifested in many aspects, and strong communication skills are an important manifestation of leadership. Good managers usually have strong communication skills and a wealth of communication skills. Communication skills not only play a decisive role in foreign business negotiations, but also play an important role in the internal management of enterprises. If business managers want to improve their leadership, they must improve their communication skills. Managers and team members should communicate with each other on the basis of mutual respect, enrich communication skills, improve communication skills, and leadership will improve.