Two Rooms and A Boom

Two rooms and a Boom has heavy ties to leadership due to the heavy deception aspects of it. The hardest part generally is trying to remember everyone’s colors and roles. The hardest part for me personally was being a role that could not speak.

During that game I had figured out who the president was, that being said I had trouble communicating it to my teammates. My leadership was therefore stunted due to them not understanding my hand gestures. Eventually I was able to explain it to them but the blue team had already caught on that we knew. Unfortunately they were one step ahead of us and we ended up losing.

I would recommend this game to any large group of friends. It doesn’t matter whether the group is close or just met. While it does get more complicated with more players it adds more characters and aspects to the game. It’s not too hard to understand for those that have trouble picking up directions. Two rooms and a boom is made for competitive and driven groups, therefore the perfect party game.