Game Reflection: CodeNames Game

This week we do not have an assigned game to play, and our table selected CodeNames Game to play. I think the hardest part of this game is understanding the rules. None of the people at our table played this game before so we have no idea what we should do. I think it may be helpful if we read the rulebook before coming to class as we did for all the other games played in this class. Since we didn’t fully understand the rules, we came up with some kinds of house rules of our own, and that was my favorite part of the session. I enjoyed our own rule as it was simple and easy to follow, and surprisingly it didn’t make the game boring.

I think many skills are tied to this game, and two of the most important skills are memorizing and analyzing. It is necessary to remember all the hints that are given to you and analyze them every round to figure out which words are yours. I think my cousin Xun would enjoy playing this game because he is good at remembering the details and relating words to words. When he was learning English, he tried to remember words under the same categories or with similar meanings.

The only thing I disliked about this game was the complexity of the rules as I mentioned above. I think the session went very well after we figured out our own rules and started playing one or two rounds of the game. This game also helped me to learn some new words that I have never seen before, so I think it may be helpful for people who want to learn English or memorize words.