Ladies And Gentleman

Ladies and Gentleman is a game that involves trust and leadership from both ends. The lady must trust the man to take leadership and earn money during the day while the lady has to take leadership when it comes down to deciding what to wear. To win the game the lady must be the best dressed at the ball. In order to be the best dressed the man must make enough money to buy her the clothing she needs.

The hardest part about this game was communicating with your partner. Our play session had randomly selected partners, this complicated things as not every partnership worked well together. My partner didn’t understand how to play the game so he made very little money, this resulted in my lady ending up in a very mixed up outfit. In my attempt to get as many stars as possible I accidentally got a dress made by a different designer. In the end I wasn’t able to attend the ball because due to having too many designers I didn’t have a dress.

I’d recommend this game to people who love roleplay games. While roleplay isn’t necessary for Ladies and Gentleman it adds a lot to the game. In the end, you get as much out of this game as you put into it also I’d recommend reading the instructions very carefully.