What Type of Gamer am I?

After completing the quiz on what type of gamer I am, I found that my board game motivations are high conflict, relaxed, grounded, and gregarious. The quiz compared four different types of motivation, Conflict, Social Fun, Strategy, and Immersion. In regards to conflict, I scored 77% and 63% in social manipulation. This means that I tend to be more competitive and enjoy games where players can take more hostile actions against other players. It also reported that I enjoy conformational mechanics which create a more intense and dynamic gameplay as the stakes are higher. My high social manipulation means that I enjoy playing psychological mind manes that are not determined by dice or a rulebook. I was not surprised by this information as my major is heavily influenced by psychology. I like putting on a poker face to try and convince others of a lie during gameplay. My strategy score was 1% which implies that I would prefer a more relaxed gameplay experience where the decisions do have much of a long term impact. I scored a 12% on discovery meaning that I prefer more traditional and familiar games. My need to win is at 82%, implying that I care alot about winning. I enjoy beating my competition and winning in the most important part of the game. The next section is Immersion, which involves going into the world of the game. I scored a 7% which implies that I would rather focus on the game mechanics and don’t like it when the theme begins to get too intrusive. The second motivation was Aesthetics, which I scored a 2%. This means that I do not care about the artwork and production value of the game. Lastly, I have scored my highest of 96% in Social fun. Gamers who score high on social fun means that they are more focused on having a good time with others, and the game is nearly a prop to get people to come together. In Cooperation i scored a 20% meaning that i prefer to go games that focus on individual decisions rather than working in a team. With Chance, I scored a 54%, meaning that I am very neutral on the option of luck in games and can play and enjoy a game if it is or isn’t in it. The last secondary motivation of Social fun is Accessibility, which I am scared of 94%. Players that score high prefer a game that can have a broad range of people pick up bandjoun. I prefer games that anyone can learn and play. Overall, as a gamer, I prefer a game that brings people together the most. WHile i still enjoy competition, I value having fun with my friends above all.