What is the best type of game for my leadership style

Quiz Link: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ostenbb/what-is-the-best-type-of-game-for-my-leadership-st-8azz2m6lnu

When I was creating my quiz, I spent a lot of time researching different leadership styles and how they affect the things you enjoy, such as playing a game. When a person has an autocratic leadership style, they tend to want control over everything. Generally, an autocratic leader believes that they are the smartest person in the group and that they know more than their teammates. They would prefer to make all of the decisions with little to no input from others. A person with an authoritarian leadership style tends to be more confident. They prefer to set expectations and engage their team members. These leaders take time to explain what they are thinking and are open for suggestions to achieve their common goal. A person with a democratic leadership style is more likely to be more collaborative with their team members. They will seek their teammates’ opinions before making decisions and will do things to promote creativity to achieve their goals. The last leadership style is the Laissez-Faire leadership style. They are at the positive end of the spectrum compared to the previous three styles. They appear to trust their teammates and act more as an observer. A person with this type of leadership style will prefer to not overlook every detail and let the teammates collaborate freely. All of these leadership styles are different in their own ways which is why there are particular games that will cater to them.

After completing my quiz I had 10 participants take it and report their results and comments on the accuracy of their results. From my findings, my quiz had a 100% accuracy rate when calculating what type of leadership style they identified with. With my ten participants there reported to be two autocratics, two authoritatively, four democratic, and two Laissez-Faires leadership styles. 

The participants, Jessie and Olivia, reported that they received the autocratic leadership style. Both participants agreed with their results. Jessie believed that her results were accurate because she claimed to be a control freak in regards to group projects and working as a team. She tends to actively try to be a leader and take control at the beginning of teamwork to ensure that their goal is achieved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Olivia also believes that her results were accurate as she believes that she likes to be in charge of organizing everything. I shared my other possible results with Olivia and she thought she would be right in between an autocratic and authoritative leadership style but was not surprised to learn that she was more autocratic. She tends to want to be on top of all of work and feels that taking control allows her to make an outline for due dates and other important aspects of teamwork. I had the opportunity to explain the game I recommended in their results. The game Charterstone allows them to completely customize their town and then discover and unlock parts of your town to complete the village. They both agreed that they would enjoy this game because of the ability of controlling how it looks and the actions you are allowed to take in it. 

My next participants, Taylor and Kate M, reported that they received the authoritative leadership style. Both participants agreed that their results were accurate. Taylor believed that her results were accurate as she is mostly likely to take control early on to be able to facilitate group activities, but claims she isn’t very vocal about it at times. She loves to hear others’ ideas but finds that she would prefer for them to be run by her prior to any decision making. Kate M believed that her results were accurate as she enjoys telling her teammates what to do. On the other hand she does not like conflict at all, which is why she believed that her results made sense. She has a tendency to be in between a control freak and being very laid back when she feels like her teammates are efficiently doing their part. I also had the opportunity to explain the game results for the authoritative leadership style. The game with this leadership style is Forbidden island, a game where you have to work with a team to look for lost treasure while trying to survive. Taylor thought she would really enjoy this game as it will allow her to strategize moves for her whole team while Kate M thought she would enjoy it due to being able to control and voice her ideas for everyone’s move. 

My following participants include Mikayle, Erin, Kate H, and Katherine who reported to have received the Democratic leadership style. All of these participants have reported that their results were accurate. Mikayle believed that her results were accurate as she claimed to enjoy havingin and voice in the decision making but does not care for taking all of the control in the team dynamic. Erin believed her results were accurate because she likes to be the person who splits up the tasks for their goal between her teammates but does not enjoy leading everyone the entire time. Kate H believed her results were accurate as she really only cared that the work is benign split up evenly between all the team members. Katherine believed her results were accurate because she does not enjoy any type of conflict and tends to be shy when she has to take control in a group setting but she loves the idea of splitting up all of the work or tasks equally. After explaining their results and going further into what the game of their results was, they all agreed that it sounds interesting and would be willing to play it. The game that I recommended with a democratic leadership style was Mental Blocks. In this game they work as a team to try and complete a puzzle while haign restrictions of what you can do or see. This game is reliant on the entire group’s effort, making it the perfect game for their leadership style. 

My last participants, Teresa and Skyler, reported to have received the Laissez-Faire leadership style. They both strongly believe that their results were accurate. Teresa believed that her results were accurate because she tends to not care much about taking control in a group setting. She is more confident in her work when she is assigned a part of the task and does not admit about taking more work than needed. Skyuler believed her results were accurate; she has become more lazy when it comes to group work. She explained that she would have seen herself having a democratic leadership style in the past, but at this point in her life, she really only liked to do her assigned tasks. With the Laissez-Faire leadership style, the game that I have recommended was Pandemic. In Pandemic you have to work as a team to try and stop the spread of a disease. This game is perfect for them as they are only responsible for their own pieces and it is more relaxed than other games. They both agreed that they would be interested in trying the game as it seems like it would keep their interest but not take too much effort to play. Overall I found that all of my results were accurate and that the participants were interested in playing their recommended game that corresponds with their leadership style.