Material-Less Activity

What is the game:

  • The game is called survivor. You can play with a minimum of 5 players and there is no maximum. Players will stand in a circle and one the count of three everyone will look up and point at random players in the circle. If two people are pointing at each other then they will have to play rocks and paper scissors. Whichever player wins the game gets to stay in the circle and the player who loses will leave the circle. 


  1. No looking at the same person for two rounds in a row
  2. If players choose the same thing(ex: both choose rock) they will redo the game
  3. Players are allowed up to two alliances

Learning outcomes:

  1. Calculated Risk-Taking: Players need to take risks on who they will choose to point at; they will try and calculate the probability of the same person looking back at them
  2. Trust: When forming alliances, you need to learn trust in your friends or partners to not try and get you out
  3. Strategy: Players can choose to make alliances and you can strategize who you guys will try and get out