Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 2

The story we created together is a bit exaggerated and outrageous. There are many details that I can’t remember now. Some of the turbulent plots are provided by game mechanics, which are rationalized by us and unified with other plots. There are also many of our own ideas.

The board games that Fiasco and I usually play are quite different. There is no winning or losing, only the story and the process. We are doing improvisation. The framework of the game gives us an era background and venue to freely exert our imagination. These are not available in ordinary board games. We played for about two hours. These are two hours of attentiveness, because everyone else must listen carefully when telling a story and try to integrate it with the story of their character. I play it a bit rigorously, and think of myself as a script writer. The script is written for others to appreciate and evaluate, not too outrageous, it must be convincing.

I am a lady with an underground casino and drug smuggling business. My partner is Xin. I need him to help me transfer and sell drugs. My casino is underground in the prison. This is a risky and creative decision. Our story is very funny but it continues very wonderfully. I once went to prison to bail my partner, because when Xin went to the prison to visit Jack, he was discovered by the police. Jack escaped from prison, but my partner Xin was arrested. This is an exaggeration, but we are all in the play and enjoy the game.

All in all, this is a heart-stringing game, and I hope we can do better.