Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 2

This week in Tabletop Leadership we continued playing Fiasco. We were able to complete Act 1 and part of the Tilt in this week’s session. This session did not come without challenges. Unfortunately, we were having bad connection issues because we kept getting disconnected from the server and it would take a few minutes to get everyone back in it. We also had a hard time coming up with scenes at first because no one in my group has played any game like this before, but we did get things moving after a few tries. Luckily we were able to help each other out to make the game go smoothly.

That brings me to another way this game ties to leadership. Fiasco requires a lot of cooperation. First, everyone has to pay attention to each speaker and really consume all of the information coming their way. Then, you have to tie all of the stories together in some way while at the same time trying to tie your scenes with the attributes given to your character. In order to help the story make sense, we had to cooperate with each other and sometimes help each other finish scenes. Leadership is about cooperating with other people in order to benefit the group as a whole. Each of us had to step up and tie in our stories with each other. Leaders must think about the rest of group in order to benefit the group as a whole.

In week 1, I mentioned how my friend Alex would enjoy this game. I stand by that because it’s a game that gives you the opportunity to influence the story in a major way. This is also something I enjoyed about our game session because some of the scenes really drove the development of the story. If you want the story to go a certain direction, you can do that. That is something I like about this game but it can also be difficult if group members don’t carry the story along well. Luckily, my group didn’t have that problem in this session and we were able to get a good start on the game.