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Game of the Week Blog Reflection 5: Fiasco Week 3

“Fiasco” is not so much a running game, as it is an impromptu drama between friends. It has a very high degree of openness, and the rules are so simple that there are almost no rules. The set scenes are like a dog-blood movie, playing ( In other words, there must be a plot reversal during performance. This game is inspired by third-rate thrilling comedy movies where things will always get messed up. You play an ordinary person with lofty ambitions and low self-control. On the other hand, things are not going well. In fact, the story will probably end up in a rout of suspicion, murder and mutual revealing of ugliness. The guy you play will be killed, ruined, and learned a bitter lesson. If you are lucky enough, the end result will only return to the original point.

As far as playability is concerned, friends around me have played this game no less than 20 times. There are 3, 4, and 5 games. I can say very responsibly that the playability is very high, even if it’s just a script. It’s okay to play 5-8 times, because every time the story is set differently, everyone’s story direction is different, and the final ending is very different. Moreover, the requirements of this game for players, any player without board game experience can directly participate, not only there is no moderator, and no preparation time… You can start after 10 minutes of explaining the rules. Of course, the threshold of this game lies not in the rules, but in the players themselves. According to my own definition and habitual expression, I think this game requires players to take the initiative. He/she needs to actively participate in the game, tell stories, interact with others, play, etc…

This game has no difference between victory and defeat. The main process experience, whether the whole story is wonderful or not is the only criterion for judging the game experience. Moreover, its props are very streamlined, with dozens of various official modules and various player original modules, which doubles the reopening rate of the game. “Life is like a play, it all depends on acting.” When we create a very interesting plot, everyone has a great sense of accomplishment. , And as long as everyone has a good brain and loves to chat, they will have a lot of fun, and all kinds of festivals will be lost, and the acting skills will be greatly improved.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 2

The story we created together is a bit exaggerated and outrageous. There are many details that I can’t remember now. Some of the turbulent plots are provided by game mechanics, which are rationalized by us and unified with other plots. There are also many of our own ideas.

The board games that Fiasco and I usually play are quite different. There is no winning or losing, only the story and the process. We are doing improvisation. The framework of the game gives us an era background and venue to freely exert our imagination. These are not available in ordinary board games. We played for about two hours. These are two hours of attentiveness, because everyone else must listen carefully when telling a story and try to integrate it with the story of their character. I play it a bit rigorously, and think of myself as a script writer. The script is written for others to appreciate and evaluate, not too outrageous, it must be convincing.

I am a lady with an underground casino and drug smuggling business. My partner is Xin. I need him to help me transfer and sell drugs. My casino is underground in the prison. This is a risky and creative decision. Our story is very funny but it continues very wonderfully. I once went to prison to bail my partner, because when Xin went to the prison to visit Jack, he was discovered by the police. Jack escaped from prison, but my partner Xin was arrested. This is an exaggeration, but we are all in the play and enjoy the game.

All in all, this is a heart-stringing game, and I hope we can do better.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 1

Today we started playing Fiasco, my friends Kate, Jack, Jingyi, Xin. We enjoyed this game very much, but in fact we were not familiar with this game at the beginning, but I found that this game has to be played many times. It is a long story, just like a TV series. This game can be played for a long time. Fiasco has a basic rule structure. In addition to these books, each time you play, you have to choose a scene, and the scene has its own content. The basic game provides some scenes, and there are many, many other scenes besides the basic game, including scenes created by players. The game is played for four rounds. In each round, each player has to tell a story from his character’s point of view. The story is over, the player can choose to set up a crisis by himself, and then other players decide the result, or choose other players to set up a crisis for him, and he decides the result. The whole game process is that everyone is creating a story together.

At the beginning of the game, you have to set the roles and relationships of the players. Part of this setting is decided by rolling the dice, and part is chosen by the player. Various story elements are listed on the setting table of the scene. Each element has a value (between 1 and 6). All the dice must be thrown together to form a common dice library. When the player sets up the character and the relationship between the characters, he must remove the dice from the dice library, and then select the story element that corresponds to the number of the dice. The elements in the setting list of the scene are naturally related to the age of the scene and the background of the story. There are also some general plots that allow players to use their imagination. The setting of the scene will make the players have a stake, and some characters will have goals or tasks. The content of the story is not very detailed at this time, only one or two key points. Players must try to string these elements into a coherent and logical story.

I like this game very much and hope that the next story can be more exciting.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Roll Player

Today, our group had a four-person game, and we played Tabletopia. I have to say that this board game simulator is very interesting and contains a lot of content. The function of choosing online games is great, which can help us complete online teaching and communication well. However, when I entered Roll Player, Sometimes an error is displayed when entering the game, which might be because my team members and I were in different countries. Creating a room and joining the game is straightforward, and it’s easy to get into the game.

RollPlayer is a typical role-playing game (RPG) in which each of us plays a role, and we are all different races. My character is Dragonkin. Each of our characters had to use dice and cards to play, to complete our various traits, and to pick our skills and weapons. I think the game has a randomness because a lot of the actions are done by rolling dice, but it also tests our memory and management skills. We want to do as much power as possible at the lowest cost and pick the cards that are best for us. This is also the hardest part of the game.

I think my friend Shan would like to play this game. First of all, she is an avid board game fan. And she is very good at this kind of role-playing games, she can put herself into the role well, and can manage every step well. I think this game not only brings me entertainment, but also increases my strategy skills. In a word, it is a very good online board game.