Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 1

Today we started playing Fiasco, my friends Kate, Jack, Jingyi, Xin. We enjoyed this game very much, but in fact we were not familiar with this game at the beginning, but I found that this game has to be played many times. It is a long story, just like a TV series. This game can be played for a long time. Fiasco has a basic rule structure. In addition to these books, each time you play, you have to choose a scene, and the scene has its own content. The basic game provides some scenes, and there are many, many other scenes besides the basic game, including scenes created by players. The game is played for four rounds. In each round, each player has to tell a story from his character’s point of view. The story is over, the player can choose to set up a crisis by himself, and then other players decide the result, or choose other players to set up a crisis for him, and he decides the result. The whole game process is that everyone is creating a story together.

At the beginning of the game, you have to set the roles and relationships of the players. Part of this setting is decided by rolling the dice, and part is chosen by the player. Various story elements are listed on the setting table of the scene. Each element has a value (between 1 and 6). All the dice must be thrown together to form a common dice library. When the player sets up the character and the relationship between the characters, he must remove the dice from the dice library, and then select the story element that corresponds to the number of the dice. The elements in the setting list of the scene are naturally related to the age of the scene and the background of the story. There are also some general plots that allow players to use their imagination. The setting of the scene will make the players have a stake, and some characters will have goals or tasks. The content of the story is not very detailed at this time, only one or two key points. Players must try to string these elements into a coherent and logical story.

I like this game very much and hope that the next story can be more exciting.