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Changing Gears: Drive

Motivation is the driving force behind all life decisions. It is what determines our needs, values, and goals in life. When it comes to students in the classroom what can teachers do to foster motivation and curiosity? In the book … Continue reading

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What’s in Front of the Wheel in Your Classroom?

Recall the last time you sat in a classroom. What were you thinking about? Was it the grade on the last test you had? Were you thinking about how much you had to study to maintain your grade after the … Continue reading

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Roadtrip to Success, Your car or mine?

There are always speed bumps, detours, and even breakdowns on the road to success. Drive by Daniel H. Pink discusses how we shape the way our students are traveling down this road. Are they motivated by rewards and external validation … Continue reading

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How to DRIVE Motivation in Science Classrooms

How do you get students to REALLY like science? What can MOTIVATE students’ scientific interests? There are thousands of questions regarding student motivation that teachers ask themselves. Let’s explore motivation from the inside out using the book DRIVE by Daniel … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Motivation – what actually DRIVES us?

As a student, I think and talk about motivation frequently. Some days, I don’t feel motivated at all- I procrastinate and drag my feet to complete a homework assignment or study for an upcoming test. Other times, I do feel … Continue reading

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Put it in Drive!

I’m sure everyone remembers point-grubbers in high school. These were the people who obsessed over every last point, and would fight with the teacher over missed questions on tests.  They would debate technicalities and find loopholes in every question they … Continue reading

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Shifting into Drive

For generations it has been thought that the best way to produce great results is the ole’ carrot-stick method. Punishment for failure and rewards for success, such as when you were a kid and school and your report card reflected … Continue reading

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The Drive Within Us

Motivation is the reason the world moves. Everyone has their own unique motivation that causes them to act in the way they do. Motivation is very powerful and can be used to do unimaginable things. Motivation is the factor that … Continue reading

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Motivation Matters!

Social media is full of influencers trying to increase your motivation. Whether it is a fitness influencer trying to help their followers on their health journey, a mental health influencer trying to help their followers take care of themselves, or … Continue reading

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Driving Down New Roads: A Motivational Roadmap

Our First Stop? Daniel H. Pink’s Drive It is imperative to note that although this blog post draws heavily from Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink, this is in no way a review nor … Continue reading

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