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Road-Tripping to the Margins

What are Margins “Margins are those interfaces between woods and fields, the land and the sea, along abandoned railroad tracks and highways, between residential areas, along flooding and receding rivers, between prairies and forests, and at the seashore. These areas … Continue reading

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Leave the Road Less Traveled…Head for the Margins!

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by” Robert Frost Everyone has heard of taking the road less traveled, but what if we went off the road entirely? Leaving the path and existing … Continue reading

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Teaching to the Moon and Back – Exemplary Science Teaching

Why it is necessary to bring wonder, imagination, and inquiry back to the classrooms! For centuries, we have been teaching with basically the same methods. The only changes have been technological advances. We now have presentations of information via PowerPoint … Continue reading

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I’ll Change Your Mind (about chemistry)

When I got to college, I took general chemistry in my first semester. The lecture hall was filled with 175 students, mostly freshman, who were on tracks to go into engineering, medical, or STEM fields. The environment felt competitive and … Continue reading

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Developing Critical Thinking in a VISIBLE Way

No matter the subject in school, students should be challenged to thinking critically and deeply about concepts. But what a lot of teachers forget is that students have to be taught how to critically think and problem solve. Students don’t … Continue reading

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Blow Their Minds Without Breaking the Bank

Tired of breaking the bank trying to engage your students? There’s plenty of resources out there that can help you save money and keep your students engaged! Continue reading

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STEM Through Another Lens

Despite encompassing a wide range of careers, the fields of STEM often display characteristics associated with institutionalized discrimination against minorities. The Current State of STEM It would be an extreme understatement to simply say that STEM careers are disproportionately filled … Continue reading

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Marching To The Margins

Audio Transcript What does it mean to “Teach in the Margins?” “Teaching in the Margins” recognizes that harmony is not found in a homogeneous society, but rather, is found within that beautiful chaos found naturally in the margins of the … Continue reading

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“EST-ablishing” yourself as an Exemplary Science Teacher

What does it mean to be an Exemplary Science Teacher? Exemplary Science Teaching is — by it’s nature — what every science educator should strive for. Simply put, Exemplary Science Teaching involves the continual refinement of educational practices in order … Continue reading

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Getting More Out Of Assessment

Tests and Quizzes. The first thing anyone thinks when you say the word assessment is tests and quizzes. If you want to figure out how much your students know, just give them a list of questions to answer right? Gets … Continue reading

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