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STEM Looks Good On You!

Lack of Representation in STEM Careers The underrepresentation of minorities and women in the STEM field is evident. Black workers make make up roughly 11% of the workforce in the United States, however, they only represent 9% of STEM careers. … Continue reading

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Changing Gears: Drive

Motivation is the driving force behind all life decisions. It is what determines our needs, values, and goals in life. When it comes to students in the classroom what can teachers do to foster motivation and curiosity? In the book … Continue reading

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Leave the Road Less Traveled…Head for the Margins!

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by” Robert Frost Everyone has heard of taking the road less traveled, but what if we went off the road entirely? Leaving the path and existing … Continue reading

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Take a Walk in the “Margins”: A Metaphor-

What are Margins to you as a Teacher? The diverse ecosystems between barren farm fields and an offtopic discussion in a classroom could constitute a margin. Let’s explore this margin metaphor: Margins represent a place for learning, not a particular … Continue reading

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Exemplary Science: An Inside look

Gone are the days of the boring science classes with rows of black lab tables, overhead projectors, and teachers who stand behind a podium spouting facts. Today’s science education should focus on DISCOVERY, INQUIRY, WONDER, and student COLLABORATION to explore … Continue reading

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Be the FUN Science Teacher! -Exemplary Teaching Guide:

How can I be Exemplary? Thinking back to your high school science experience, which lessons or teachers did you remember the most? I am sure you have forgotten the various lectures or worksheets, and maybe the content itself. How can … Continue reading

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Surviving The Storm: Fostering Resiliency In Science Learners

What is resiliency? When you first hear the words resilient or resiliency, you may think of a definition similar to the idea of withstanding or “bouncing back” from difficult decisions. This idea is often connected to the resilience of communities, … Continue reading

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Supporting Resilient Learners

Personally, one of the main reasons I want to be a teacher is to cheer my students on and support them as they go through high school, one of the toughest and most stressful seasons of life. High schoolers often … Continue reading

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Dealing with Misconception in the Classroom

As individuals we all have our own experiences that have gotten us to where we are in our lives. Lessons gained from in the classroom to interactions with peers outside that classroom that led to teamwork or maybe disputes that … Continue reading

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I’ll Change Your Mind (about chemistry)

When I got to college, I took general chemistry in my first semester. The lecture hall was filled with 175 students, mostly freshman, who were on tracks to go into engineering, medical, or STEM fields. The environment felt competitive and … Continue reading

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