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Quick Summary: The use of Extrinsic motivation is highly overused and overvalued, It has short-term effects that will become obsolete as time goes on. Schooling services and companies should work towards valuing Intrinsic motivation for its longer effects, and higher quality of work.

Intrinsic Motivation Categorized

  • Purpose – desire to do things in service of something larger than ourselves
  • Mastery – The feeling and want to get better at things that matter.
  • Autonomy – feeling of being autonomous, or self-directed, because of self goals.

Intrinsic Motivations Importance

  • Task persistence
  • Seeing projects until the end
  • Exploration of topic/solutions
  • positive affect
  • Creativity throughout work

Now that we understand why Intrinsic Motivation is so importance how will we as future educators be able to increase this style of wanting to learn in our students?

What does the change look like?

Where does the change need to occur? Cultivating Intrinsic motivation is a slow process so expect a slow but gradual change, especially for high-school students. Students have been raised through the education system knowing mostly means of Extrinsic motivation, and have not developed many intrinsic skills. The best way to Intrinsically motivate our students for the future is by Intrinsically motivating them from the beginning. The biggest means of this is by allowing the students to explore what interests them.


  • Give students choices
  • Make learning enjoyable
  • Encourage Collaboration
  • Set public goals
  • Give specific feedback
  • Help students develop mastery
  • Promote active learning

Making it Possible/Lesson Plan

I plan on incorporating this into my teaching in many ways, one of the key aspects of Intrinsic motivation is the Exploration for Students. Allowing them to research, dive into topics they are truly passionate about. Setting goals WITH the students, about what they hope to achieve throughout the course, and making sure they stay on track to complete it. We want to promote creativity and active learning, allowing students to work in groups is one way this can be made possible, it helps gives the students choices and makes learning more enjoyable which motivates them to come and engage in class more often.

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  1. Hey Quentin, I really like how you emphasized working and exploring with your students. This is huge for fostering intrinsic motivation. What kind of student choice do you see yourself applying in your classroom that will help give them a sense of autonomy, even in spaces where you just have to do some things?

    • Hi Melinda thank you for your comment! I think applying choices can come through at the very beginning of the semester, allowing students to pick a topic that interests them and having them run with it throughout the course gives a great sense of autonomy. When there is stuff that needs to get done, maybe incorporating creativity/allowing them to present their information in a different manner.

  2. Hey Quentin! Great post! I really enjoyed your use of diagrams in this post, it provides a great visual to help understand the concepts. I liked how you added that cultivating intrinsic motivation is a slow process, especially for high school students. It would be very difficult for students to change the way they go about doing and navigating through school at their age but through persistence and encouragement from their teacher, it’s doable. You mention some strategies that would help with intrinsic motivation in the classroom, but do you have any specific activities that you plan on incorporating to help with this?

    • Hi, thank you for your comment! I think a specific activity that can be performed is one like the cooperative learning activities we did in class! they require group participation, and willingness to discuss what they think is happening, it also gets students really engaged with the topic at hand.

  3. Hey Quentin, I enjoyed your post. It is true that many students have not received intrinsically motivated learning during schooling. One of your strategies for creating an intrinsic learning environment was promoting active learning. What do you mean by that? This feels like it could apply to a lot of things and be used in many different ways, and I was wondering if you could clarify it. Thank you.

    • Hi Duncan! thank you for your comment active learning can definitely apply to many different things! How I perceive this is as the students are actively engaged in hands-on learning, rather than to unengaged hands-off/having substantial amounts of downtime.

  4. Quentin, loved your post! The use of bullet points was really effective and allows readers to take in your information quickly. I also think you did a great job of incorporating graphics and social media, they enhance your points quite well. One question I do have for you is how you plan on instilling intrinsic motivation in the students who do not have any as it is. You mention that students need intrinsic motivation from a young age, but many students do not get that. How will you remedy this in your classroom?

    • Thank you for your comment! One way I plan to remedy this is by fostering motivation through exploration, another way to promote this is working in groups, when the students see their peers actively engaged it encourages them to do their part and work hard, which fosters intrinsic motivation.

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