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When life stands in your way

We all know there are days when the last possible place you want to be is in class. And there are days when you just can’t seem to engage with what’s going on around you.  Even as someone who enjoys … Continue reading

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An Interesting Perspective: The Nature of Science

Howdy bloggers, This week officially marks the seventh installment of An Interesting Perspective. In today’s post, we will discuss the importance of equity within the classroom, and how having an equitable classroom is beneficial to everyone. Picture this. You hear … Continue reading

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Take me to Africa

My grandparents were avid world travelers when I was younger. Every time they would come home from a trip they would show me their pictures of where they went. The pictures that I really cared about were the animals. After … Continue reading

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Together We Can Do Great Things

Groups vs Teams: I really like the quote above! Every student had different strengths and weaknesses. This is why working together is important. What you call people that are working together can make a difference in how they view themselves … Continue reading

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An Interesting Perspective: Left of Center

Howdy Bloggers, Welcome back to the second installment of An interesting Perspective. This week we will be discussing the idea of teaching in the margins, and the importance behind this concept. Take a look at the pictures above. What are … Continue reading

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Monoculture Classrooms

  Walk to class. Sit in the same seat next to the same people. Turn in a standard worksheet. Listen to a powerpoint presentation. Pack up your bag. Leave class in the same unenthused state as you entered. This is … Continue reading

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Web Of Learners

Teachers are life long learners who try to inspire their students to love learning as much as they do. Although this task seems simple, it’s not. A classroom is full of students with completely different needs and interests. The classroom … Continue reading

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What it Means to be an Exemplary Science Teacher

  What it does not mean… What is wrong with the picture below? Students are dis interested, there is no conversation occurring, no one is engaged with the topic, and most of all no real learning is occurring. An exemplary … Continue reading

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