What it Means to be Exemplary in Teaching Science

Going above and beyond for your students is the perfect example of what it means to be Exemplary in Teaching Science. Let us take a closer look at what that means!

Have you ever had a teacher who just went by the textbook and gave you textbook notes? Have you ever felt as if the material had no meaning or value? I am sure everyone has had those experiences, and that is why it is crucial for us to all learn about exemplary teaching. This style of teaching is life-changing. It helps get the students engaged and opens up the student’s minds. It guides the students to want to learn. Here are some examples of being exemplary in the classroom…

  • Getting to know your students
  • Showing interests in your students lives outside of the classroom
  • Connecting lessons to your students interests
  • Collaboration with parents
  • Hands-on activities
  • Student-led activities
  • Bringing science to life
  • Making lessons memorable
  • Emotional connections with lessons
  • Make the classroom environment comfortable for both parents and students
  • We can tell we are being exemplary science teachers when our students are engaging in the activities in a meaningful way. Our students will be excited to learn!

Steps I will take to be an exemplary science teacher

  • Include hands-on activities in my classroom
  • Incorporate STEM into my lessons
  • Connect my lessons to my students
  • Projects that are student led
  • Getting my students outside to explore the sciences first hand
  • Lessons tailored to students interests
  • Bring science to life

My Classroom as an Exemplary Science Teacher

Being an Exemplary science teacher in my classroom is a big goal of mine. In order to accomplish this goal I hope to implement the “bringing science to life” concept. This is the first step I will take. In my classroom, I hope to tailor each lesson to the students personally. In order to do this I will have to get to know my students individually. Above are some examples of how I will apply the exemplary concept. So what makes a science teacher exemplary? well, like stated many time, you have to go above and beyond for your students. Below you will find a video that better describes this concept.

The speaker, Danny Doucette, informs us of many problems in the science education field. He goes on to tell us how science education is not working. We have to be more exemplary!
Here is an additional source for examples and steps to become exemplary.


  1. The ways I would recommend for teachers to connect with their students such that they can plan assignments that would connect them to the topic individually would be, maybe letting the students come up with an assignment related to the topic they are covering. I think it would be fun to let the students create their own lab! I think there is a line, but I think it might vary from student to student

  2. Hey Allie, great post about exemplary science teaching. I could see the emphasis that you placed on a teacher’s responsibility to know their students. What ways would you recommend for teachers to connect with their students such that they could plan assignments that would connect them to the topic individually? Alongside this, when getting to know students, is there a line that a teacher should not cross? Motivation is vital when it comes to learning and grabbing the student’s attention through interest is a great way to do it.

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