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Fostering Resilience

April 26, 2023 henryhs 6

Educators play a critical role in shaping the learning and development of their students. This is why we must make it a priority to create […]

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Thinking Made Visible

February 17, 2023 henryhs 6

What kinds of thinking do you value and want to promote in your classroom?What kinds of thinking does that lesson force students to do? The […]

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February 1, 2023 henryhs 6

There are many resources that teachers can use to ENGAGE their students in scientific thinking. In this post I will discuss five affordable resources that […]

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STEM Looks Good On You!

November 20, 2022 henryhs 4

Lack of Representation in STEM Careers The underrepresentation of minorities and women in the STEM field is evident. Black workers make make up roughly 11% […]

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Changing Gears: Drive

October 7, 2022 henryhs 6

Motivation is the driving force behind all life decisions. It is what determines our needs, values, and goals in life. When it comes to students […]

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Road-Tripping to the Margins

September 23, 2022 henryhs 8

What are Margins “Margins are those interfaces between woods and fields, the land and the sea, along abandoned railroad tracks and highways, between residential areas, […]