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Constructivism; Rebuilding the Classroom

Constructivism is… Constructivism is a theory in education that holds a few central ideas about learning. In “Science Education: An International Course Companion” by Keith Taber and Ben Akpan, the big ideas in consturctivism are laid out as follows, 1 … Continue reading

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Complexity in Thinking: Constructivism within Chemistry Learning

Diving into Chemistry Education Research (CER) Research within chemistry education is incredibly important to the progression of teaching methods within the subject. Chemistry is a very complex topic; almost as complex as the students eager to learn it! Topics within … Continue reading

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An Interesting Perspective: The Struggle

Howdy bloggers, Welcome back to the last installment of An Interesting Perspective for the semester. I know I’ve been less consistent these past few weeks, but things have been hectic. Today though, we’re back on track and here to discuss … Continue reading

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Can We Differentiate Ourselves?

One of the many challenges that we as pre-service teachers tend to face is the self-doubt that we may not be good teachers.  That aching, nagging feeling that is deep in your stomach and when you do something wrong or … Continue reading

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The Students Become The Teacher

The Role Reversal By: Hayley Johnson Think back to your experiences with high school or maybe college classes and relate your experience with one of the following teaching scenarios: Scenario 1: The teacher is the “expert” of the class. The … Continue reading

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An Interesting Perspective: Mirrors and Windows

Howdy Bloggers, Today marks the fifth official installment of An Interesting Perspective. In this post, we will discuss constructivism and the significance behind a student’s prior knowledge and experience. What is Constructivism?  As defined by David T. Crowther in his article … Continue reading

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A Letter to Future Chemistry Teachers

Perhaps the most helpful article I have ever read pertaining to my future as a chemistry educator was “Advice to My Intellectual Grandchildren” by J. Dudley Herron.  Herron worked as both a science educator and as a researcher of the … Continue reading

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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Students come from all kinds of different backgrounds. They all have different experiences that have shaped who they are. The students bring these into your classroom. Teaching with a constructivist mindset means that educators know that student past experiences have … Continue reading

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Everyone Knows Something You Don’t

I have always liked this quote! I think that it puts learning in prospective. Everyone knows something I do not and I can learn from them. I also think that this quote applies to constructivism in education.  The article How … Continue reading

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Take me to Africa

My grandparents were avid world travelers when I was younger. Every time they would come home from a trip they would show me their pictures of where they went. The pictures that I really cared about were the animals. After … Continue reading

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